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Here’s How to Pass a Hair Drug Test

Here’s How to Pass a Hair Drug Test

Do you have a hair drug test coming up soon? Worried about that party last weekend? No worries, you can pass your ah-okay ordeal if you just follow a few simple guidelines and use your own better judgement. Since a hair test is commonly aimed at cannabis, we will focus on that, but a lot of this applies to other substances as well.
Understand how THC gets into your hair It is essentially a matter of your metabolic cycle, in other words, how your body processes the many different substances you expose it to. You can learn more about how metabolism works and how you can influence it if you visit this page. When it comes to THC and its many “cousins”, these cannabinoids and their metabolic byproducts are transported throughout the different systems of your organism, and so they end up effectively scattered all through you.

The THC in your hair gets there via your bloodstream. It travels through the blood vessels that are responsible for supplying the hair follicles with oxygen and nutrients, and they settle in the area of those follicles.
However, THC stays in your blood for a comparably short amount of time. In general, it stays around only for as long as your high lasts, so a few hours at the max. If you are a heavy consumer, and have been for a time, then some small traces of it can still be detected for some two or three days later. That said, even if the cannabinoids are processed quickly by your metabolic system, some number of molecules of the originally consumed THC go astray. They end up in the soft tissue surrounding your hair roots, beneath the scalp of your head. They attach themselves to the hair or the surrounding cells, so when the new hair emerges from your scalp, it is soaked in cannabis residue.

Of course, this is all interesting, but there is only one thing you genuinely want to know about a hair follicle drug test – how to pass it with the minimum of hassle. We got your back!

Learn the common ways of cleansing your hair shaft.The idea is to make the cuticle of the hair open up and release all the molecules of THC leftovers, so that you can what them out and away. This is how the many hair cleansing products and anti-THC shampoos work. Their chemicals force the cuticle to open, so the product can get into the hair shaft and pull out the molecular traces of THC. Thanks to their careful design and contents, these products are a lot less damaging to hair than most of the popular DIY solutions, like using detergent to wash your hair, or soaking yourself in smelly vinegar.

The first step to take is to stop any weed consumption. Do not add onto the THC sediments. Next, buy a cleansing solution like a shampoo, and maybe some auxiliary products as well. Figure out the cleansing regime instructions that go with your chosen product, and get started on it immediately. Most cleansing regimes include washing your hair some ten to fifteen times total before the testing, and then doing one final “deep washing” with your chosen auxiliary product.

Remember, if your hair is dry or damaged from being dyed or from doing chemical hair cosmetics treatments, give it some conditioner and a TLC session to get back the shiny, non-suspicious look of someone who is 100% clean.Use home solutions to kick your results up a notch

Shaving is seriously a last resort Shaving your head bald is a stunningly frequent piece of advice online and in real life. After all, if there is no hair to cut off, there is no way to complete the test, and you are
out of trouble, right?

Wrong, actually.

To begin with, the head is not the only pace from which hair is harvested for these types of drug tests. Getting a sample form the armpits or the legs is also very common practice, and the chest is also a widespread “target”. This was possibly started as a way to test employees who sport a bald head anyway, due to age, style preferences,medical conditions, or religious and spiritual reasons. Now it serves a way to deny the
cheaters their potential excuse.

Now, of course, you can just go ahead and shave every hair off of your body, pits and pubes and all. However, this seemingly clever tactic will get you failed before you can blink. Regardless of what you might think about them, these testing authorities are not total dunderheads, and it will be obvious that you are trying to cheat your way out. This is especially true since shaving has become such a popular solution, now it is common
knowledge and the tester will immediately assume you are wiggling away.

Moreover, even if you have some wild luck (or some very convincing lie) and you are not failed automatically, shaving every hair will still be completely useless. You will simply be given a different kind of drug test to complete on the spot.

And finally, shaving is not only useless for drug testing, it can create a whole host of other troubles like ingrown hairs, inflammation of sensitive areas, drying and flaking skin etc. therefore, you want to avoid it as much as you possibly can.

And there you go! Hopefully some of this will help you to beat that pesky test and steer clear of any trouble at your workplace. If you still need some extra help, consider this link for some additional steps you can take: 

Drug tests are annoying things, especially those random ones that they announce on way too short a notice. However, even if your employer springs one on you from out of the blue, the situation is not hopeless. Just remember to keep your cool, do your math right, and you can pass with flying colors.

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