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Make Memories With Google Photos

Do you remember when you had to take film to the store wait a couple of days and put your photos in an album? That was my generation but now you take photos online and they are stored on your phone. It seems like I take photos everyday which I love but these photos and videos take up space.

This is where google photos comes in and I am so glad I was invited to the Google photo event. I am going to be honest I haven’t started using google photos until recently because I thought google photos was limited to android phones only.


After attending the Google photos preview event I was wondering why I didn’t use this sooner. For those of you who don’t know about Google photos it holds unlimited storage in high quality photos. What are the new changes? As a mom I love taking pictures of my kids and Google photos makes my storage capabilities better.

  • Memories: A digital version of a walk down memory lane of your private photos
  • Canvas Print: Now you can decorate your home with your favorite memories with canvas prints from Google photos- you can order canvas prints from Google photos in the U.S. and they’ll be delivered straight to your home. Canvas prints start at $19.99 and come in three different sizes, 8×8, 12×14 and 16×20.
  • Photo prints:You can order 4×6 photo prints directly from Google Photos and pick them up same day at CVS pharmacy or Walmart at over 11, 0000 locations with print centers across the U.S.
  • Search feature: You can search for photos by the text in them.



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