The world of dating is complicated enough, with couples needing to adjust to each other’s needs. Some may have a different preference in food, and others argue because they have different religious backgrounds. Read more about great dating in this link here.

When it comes to Asian Americans, the dating scene can be more complicated. Most Asians who migrated to Canada or the USA may want to date “white men” or “white women.” Some may prefer
blonde hair and blue eyes because they are not common in the country where they came from. There are Asian Americans who said that they wanted to date white people just to be different. They
don’t want to be that stereotyped Asian couples who stick to each other in university. But when two people who came from different backgrounds and cultures date, it can be tough for both of them.

There are difficulties that couples will navigate through sooner or later in their relationship. For families with tight cultural ties, you may want to consider some things before starting a relationship. Those people that are first-generation Asian Americans might think about their cultures differently. They will think of their heritage in a different light than those who grew up in the US.

Things to Consider when Dating Asian Americans

This is one of the non-negotiables and incredibly essential factors for many people. You can find similar tightly knit family dynamics with Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos, Taiwanese, and Vietnamese. They want their parents, friends, elders, siblings, and even extended families to be respected.

Not all Asian Americans live with their parents, of course. But at some point, while you are dating, they want to introduce you to their loved ones. They value their family’s opinion and what they have to say, especially when it comes to dating a guy from another race. This is not to say that they don’t approve. They just want to make sure that their child, especially their daughter, is safe and would not get hurt in the future. There are big celebrations that one needs to consider. Whether you met your significant in the best sites such as or other dating platforms, you should ask if family celebrations are a big thing for them. A 60th birthday is celebrated with the entire family and often consists of big parties.

Don’t worry, though. Being introduced in the family does not mean that you marry the person. It just means that you are becoming a relevant person as your relationship progresses. But when you happen to marry your significant other, know that you just don’t marry him or her. You are married to the entire family. They might get involved when it comes to making big or small decisions. If you ever consider marriage, the road will be much smoother once you have courted the family from the start.

Traditions, Cultural Values, and Norms
If you are an American, you might find that New Year is spent visiting a shrine where people pray for safety, health, and good fortune. If you used to party with your friends and see fireworks, you might want to form a compromise or a win-win situation for the first year that you are in a relationship. One might go to a shrine near you, eat with the family, and watch fireworks afterward.
Approaching the new year more traditionally is very important for some. You should find the values that are important to the person. You need to find out the roles of religion and faith in their lives.

Roots of Origin
Know the number of years your significant other has been in the country. Be aware if they are first or second generation. Know if they have extended families that they will spend Christmas in the Philippines or if they were refugees in the Korean war. Know if their Chinese heritage matters and if they have a bilingual household. There are a lot of Asian Americans who are very proud of their origins and roots. Those who are third generations may identify themselves as Americans, and their heritage does not matter to them much.

Regardless, you should make things clear with the person that you are dating so that you will know what to expect without stepping into boundaries. The dating part is the most exciting phase of the relationship. It’s best to keep things slow, be curious, respectful, and make them feel that you are eager to know them better.

Want to Start Looking for your Guy or Girl?

If you want to start dating Asian Americans, or if you are one who wants to meet a guy or girl that matches you, then it might be time to start building your profile on online dating platforms. You can browse through several matches by swiping left and right and checking their preferences and personality. You can also read tips about how to date safely online while you are at it.