Upping the Quality of Life: 5 Signs You Need to Change Your Environment
We all have ups and downs in this thing called life, but when your downs are more common than your ups, it may be time for a change. Knowing how to make that change is not always easy,though. For most of us, until we change our environment, not much else is going to change. Our comfort zones are easy to stay in until we are kicked out of them painfully. But there are
usually many signs warning us that a change may be coming.

If you are considering upping the quality of your life but are not sure it’s time, here are 5 signs that you should make the next move to change your environment.

When Your Environment Speaks, You Should Listen

1. Your support system is diminishing. As we go through tough times, our friends and family are supposed to be there to help us through them. But if you don’t have anyone around willing or able to help you, there’s no point staying stuck where you are.

Many people use the excuse of their job, lack of money, or a mortgage to stay stuck. These excuses will still be concerns no matter where you live, so get help finding a home or a job, put your house on the market, and take a chance that things could be better elsewhere!

2. Your growth has become horizontal. No matter what your beliefs in life are, the one constant is that we are never supposed to stop growing in maturity. Horizontal growth means that you have stagnated. When people hit this level, they often use the term “stuck in a rut.” If your growth is not vertical, meaning you are no longer learning and maturing into the wise old person we are all supposed to be eventually, a different environment can help.

3. Your relationship is full of conflict. Just like your beliefs need to continue to mature and grow, your relationship should also. You will both grow into different people, but that growth
should be at a similar rate.When you or your partner smother the other person’s growth, it is not a healthy relationship.

4. You no longer care about making changes. When you’re truly happy in your life, you are satisfied with things as they are but you are also continuing to grow and thrive. The opposite applies, though, when you’re unhappy and things aren’t changing. You may have tried to make changes so many times that you’ve given up or you’re just too exhausted to care. Either way, it’s time for an environment shift.

5. You live in the past or the future. Your situation should be comfortable enough that you are happy living your daily life. When you stay stuck in the past, you can’t do anything about the choices that were already made. It doesn’t help to live there and it usually leads to depression.

Living in the future, constantly full of worry, doesn’t help, either, and usually brings on anxiety. Instead, adjust your environment and enjoy the gift of the present.

Up Your Life Quality With a Change

No one ever said change was easy, but neither is staying in an environment in which you are unhappy. If you want to improve your quality of life, make a big adjustment.