I remember it like yesterday, I got hacked all of my information was compromised. I remember feeling so violated and scared asking what are they going to do with my information? From this day I only like to access my personal websites on my computer. With more people getting their websites compromised I was introduced to Acunetix. Acunetix is a scanner which detects, assesses and manages web vulnerabilities. I know I thought that just because I had antivirus software on my computer that my information was protected but what most businesses don’t realize is that anti-virus software is completely useless.

As a blogger it’s important for me to make sure my website is hard to hack but did you know that 70% is vulnerable to being attacked?

How does it work?

Acunetix Online crawls and analyzes your website or web application to discover its structure, even if it’s very complex. It does not matter whether your web assets are based on an open-source solution such as WordPress, a commercial product, developed by a third party, or developed in-house. It does not matter, which technologies are used to build your website or web application. If a user can view a website using their Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer, Acunetix can scan it.

If Acunetix finds any vulnerabilities, it automatically assigns priorities. Therefore, you immediately know, which vulnerabilities you should focus on first and which pose the greatest danger to your business. Acunetix also provides detailed scan results as reports including explanations of vulnerabilities and remediation advice, which is important because you cannot remove web vulnerabilities the way that you remove malware.

Why should you use Acunetix?

Web vulnerabilities can be just as dangerous as malware and phishing and sometimes even affect not only your business but also your clients. Therefore, web security software is of utmost importance to any business. Web security scanning imitates the actions of a hacker. A web vulnerability scanner attempts to exploit vulnerabilities in your websites and web applications, but does it in a safe way and shows you how it can be done.Other types of vulnerabilities such as Cross-site Scripting (XSS) or Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF) may endanger your customers. If your web application has an XSS vulnerability, attackers may use it, for example, to trick your clients into downloading malware or steal data from their machines. With CSRF, an attacker may cause your client to perform unsolicited actions on your website.

There are some great reasons why you should use Acenetix 1.) saves times, 2.) minimizes the need for human intervention 3.) cost-effective.

I really wish I had Acenetix when my computer was hacked it would have helped and prevented me from getting attacked. What I also love about Acunetix is you can also use Acunetix to manage your vulnerabilities: track their remediation and retest. If your business uses an issue tracker such as Jira, Acunetix can send issues directly to that tracker. If your business uses CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, you can even run quick scans in real-time during development.

Acenetix is able to look for open ports and detect vulnerable areas.

Compatible systems

Microsoft Windows
Internet Explorer

Knowing that your computer could be at risk why not let Acunetix keep your computer safe?

To learn more http://www.acunetix.com/vulnerability-scanner/online-scanner/