Work-life balance is a constant struggle, and we often find the week has got away from us. Even with the best of intentions, you’ve arrived home on a Friday night,  leaving your resolutions to start running or catch up with that friend way back at the start of the week. If the sum total of the things you do in life is ‘eat, sleep, work repeat’, then it’s time for you to start adding in things you actually enjoy. Even if you love your job, there’s so much more to life. Whether it’s making time for family, finally studying that course you want, or getting fit, there are lots of little ways to squeeze in those extra things to your daily routine.

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Let’s Look At That Schedule

More often than not your schedule can be tweaked to make some additional time in your day. If you run your own business, look at starting later and finishing a bit earlier to make the most of your time in the evening. If you’re fixed into a solid 9 – 6, then try and get up a little earlier to exercise or make some more time at the start of your day. If you’re an early riser it’s amazing what you can do on a weekend morning, and likewise for a night owl post 8 PM. There’s lots of unused time in our day (even half an hour at lunch, or your commute) that we can make the most of if we just start blocking it off and using it.


Use Your New Spare Time To Study

Spend your spare time studying something you enjoy. It might be exploring a new career option, like making a transition from an office job to working a more active role like nursing. Exploring funding and suitable locations takes time, and it’s easier than you think to use your spare time to research options. You won’t always be perfect, either, it’s natural to make mistakes and there’ll inevitably be lessons learned along the way. But taking the time to look into other areas, be it a new career completely or a new area of study like History, looking at something new will inspire you in all aspects of your daily life.


Build In A Fitness Routine

It can take whatever form you want, from running to rock climbing. But building in something completely new during the day, just for you and your physical health will give you a mental boost. It can also increase confidence, as you’re doing something for yourself. If you’re not feeling completely confident, ask your friend to come to that kickbox class. Fitness can fit in whenever you need, be it before or after work, or even during your lunch hour. Too cash-strapped to join a gym? Running is free and with a good podcast in your ear, you’d be surprised at how much distance you can fit in without trying. Use apps like couch to 5k if you’re not sure where to start.


Take Advantage Of Work Benefits

Depending on how big your company is, there may be lots of benefits you aren’t even aware of. From book clubs to yoga, companies offer many lunchtime initiatives that they expect you to take advantage of. Check out any online training as you may be able to learn a language through a Rosetta Stone course, which is offered as online training by some companies. You may even find there’s a bursary to put towards your studies if you know where to look. Delve through the company intranet and see what activities or offers are on hand for you.


Give Back Through Volunteering

If you want to give back to your local community, consider volunteering. It might be through a workplace charity or a local church or soup kitchen. There’s no shame in admitting that volunteering can be a win-win situation, as you make people feel great and also give yourself a boost. Better yet, why not look at a charity you are passionate about and raise money through sponsored runs or events? Sometimes it’s better to give your time, as people really appreciate this and you can spend time giving back to communities you love. 


There are hundreds of things you can do around work, during work, or because of work. By shifting your schedule or looking at workplace benefits you’ll be surprised at the opportunities you have to carve time out of your day and break away from being a work addict.