I’m always looking for different ways to study the Bible and was excited to be able to review the Fresh Start Bible.

The first thing you notice about the Bible is the title Fresh Start (how refreshing!). The Bible is in the New Living Translation I actually love King James version but I love cross referencing with other versions.

Features of the Bible

  • Fresh Start Journey
    52 important questions about the foundations of faith
  • Intersections
    59 Key Bible characters and events
  • Road Signs
    Practical teaching that illuminate Scripture and inspire spiritual growth
  • Worship Way
    Discusses the What, Whom, Why and How of worship
  • Freedom Path
    Explores the spiritual freedom available to every believer
  • Bible Reading Breakthrough
    Explains the importance of reading God’s word every day
  • Leader Guide for Small Groups
  • Bible Book Introductions
  • Cultural and Historical Articles
  • Topical Scripture Lists
  • Charts, Tables and 18 Full Color Maps
  • Presentation Page

What I love is that it has a guide for small groups. I also love the side notes which give you more clarity to the text. They also have questions that people ask about the Bible i.e. How can I be saved? Why Jesus is important and Why should I be baptized to name a few.

This Bible is a great bible study tool and for individual studying. Fresh Start Bible helps to break down the Bible in simple terms.

To get a copy of your own Fresh Start Bible click here


Disclaimer: I received this Bible free to review from The Blog About Network book review program in exchange for a fair and honest review.