Many of us have ambitions to land a dream job or command a salary that would free up more disposable income to enjoy the occasional treat. Often, you can improve your chances of securing a promotion or getting a better-paid job by expanding your skill set and adding qualifications to your resume. The infographic below highlights some popular degree programs and some career options you could explore if you were to undertake further study.


Competition for jobs in finance, accounting, information management and marketing is fierce, and completing a degree program is likely to boost your chances of getting the position you want. 


For those with an interest in accounting, there are Bachelor of Science and Master’s programs available, which can pave the way for career opportunities, such as accountants, auditors and analysts. Accountants and auditors with a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy can expect to earn around $63,550, while a financial analyst with a Master of Accounting qualification could demand over $86,000 per year.


Marketing is a crucial element for businesses looking to attract new customers, promote products and services and retain loyal clients. If you dream of getting ahead in this sector, undertaking a Bachelor of Science in Marketing could set you up for a lucrative career. Marketing managers earn an average salary of $115,750. 


Finally, at the top of the degree money tree, computer and information science systems managers with a Master’s in Information Management Systems have a median salary of $120,950. 


If you’re thinking of doing a degree or you’re considering postgraduate study, this infographic may help you make your mind up. 

Infographic Created By University of Alabama Birmingham