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Today March 6 Is National Oreo Day!


It’s National Oreo Day! As a kid i enjoyed them and I’m so happy all these years later they still taste the same. Did you know that they were invented in 1912 by a former Nabisco food scientist Sam J Porcello from Hoboken, New Jersey (close to my home)! They started with two flavors, the original cream and lemon meringue (I would have really tried that!) and they made them Kosher in 1998. Today is special for me because it is also my husband’s birthday!  National Oreo Day celebrates a cookie that has brought friends and families together.

Ways to eat Oreo’s

  1. Dunk it
  2. Break it up in your milk
  3. Dip it in your milk
  4. My favorite way is to break them up in vanilla ice cream

How do you eat your Oreos? Do you have a special way of eating them?

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are my own. I was compensated for this post by TopAgency 


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