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How to become a family blogger

Blogging in the last couple of years has evolved. Families have joined the band wagon to become bloggers. Families are seeing profit in becoming bloggers and leaving their full-time jobs to become family family bloggers.

There are about 4.2 million mom/family blogger and on average they make about in terms of how much money each makes is difference but the range is from 100-9,000 per month.

To share a bit of my story I became a blogger back in 2010 (I can’t believe its been that many years). I started as a way to take my mind off of blogging and after writing my first two posts I got the opportunity to work on a campaign with Family Dollar that’s when I understood you can can earn money from blogging.

As my kids got older I began to share tips on parenthood I became a family influencer. More households are seeing the need for average families to share their lives on social media.

I believe things like the pandemic Coronavirus will motivate more families to have their own business as family influencers.

Reasons why you should become a blogger

  1. You get to work from home. As a blogger one of the great things is that you get the opportunity to work from home you can get to do sponsored posts, ads, affiliate links, attned sponsored events and you get to do it while staying home.
  2. You get to inspire or be the expert in your field.Blogging is a way to share with others what makes you so special so whether you are a natural expert or you have to take courses to fine tune your skills. Blogging is a way to be an expert in your field and let the world know who you are.
  3. You get wonderful opportunities. There are wonderful opportunities as a blogger I mentioned before I started out working with Family Dollar I also got the opportunity to be on the Dr. Oz show and I got to tell the world that I am a stay at home blogger. I have been to many shows with companies like K-Mart, St. Jude, St.Ives to name a few. Being a blogger can give you the opportunity to also expand into other things like podcasting and vlogging. I myself am a podcaster which is another way that you can make money.

Did you ever wanted to become a blogger? If so, what actions are you taking?


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