Taking your children on vacation is one of life’s little pleasures. There is, after all, nothing better than seeing your kids have a good time and forgetting about school for a bit – just allowing them to be kids. Vacations are also important for you as a parent, as it gives you some much-needed downtime and also the chance for you to bond more with your kids. However, family vacations don’t often come cheap. Airlines and holiday providers alike have a nasty habit of hiking up their prices during the school summer break, making it harder for many low-income families to afford some relaxing time away. Every family deserves to enjoy a vacation every once in a while, though. If you’re desperate to surprise your kids with a trip away but don’t know how you’re going to afford it, here are some ways you can get around it and pull off the vacation of a lifetime for your family:

How To Pull Off The Vacation Of A Lifetime For Your Family

Be flexible with your flight times

Sure, you may already be limited in what flights you can take thanks to your children’s school schedule and right now, thanks to the coronavirus, you are even more limited. But if you want to score a cheap deal on getting from A to B, you are going to need to be reasonably flexible with what flights you choose. Also, right now, there are some killer deals going on since everything is so up in the air! Thankfully, in addition, many airline websites now let you view flights across a whole month or even monthS, so that you can pick the cheapest days. You may also find that flying at specific times of day work out to be a lot more affordable for your wallet. Of course, getting your kids to the airport at 4 am isn’t easy for any parent. But, if it’s going to save you $300 compared to flying in the afternoon, grit your teeth – a saving like that is always worth the hassle, in my opinion.

Find the extra cash

Aside from working extra hours (not always feasible), you may wonder what else there is to do to make money to fund your vacation. In reality, you have a whole hoard of options in front of you, providing you use your imagination. One way you can go about unearthing money that belongs to you is by cutting back on unnecessary expenses and also, selling things in your home that you don’t need can also raise a surprising amount of cash for your trip. For example, if you have jewelry sitting around in your drawers, consider selling those pieces for the extra cash. You can sell jewelry in Atlanta, GA at Chapes-JPL, which is located in the heart of Buckhead, right off of Lenox Road (super convenient to MARTA, too!). Serving over 18,000 customers nationwide, Chapes-JPL was originally established as an alternative to banks and pawnbrokers. 

When you go to sell jewelry (or get an asset loan in exchange for jewelry), you want to feel safe. Don’t go to a typical pawn shop that offers high-interest rates, questionable surroundings, and other predatory practices. Instead, call up the professionals at Chapes-JPL. They work out of appointment only, upscale offices. Their waiting rooms contain plush leather sofas, fine furnishings, and artwork. You will feel like you are visiting your CPA’s office and that is their goal: they want to make sure that you feel safe and comfortable. They say, “Since Chapes-JPL is a bonafide collateral lender, it is required by law to maintain a pawn license. However, Chapes-JPL is nothing like any other pawnbroker you can imagine. Three minutes in our offices are all you will need to discover how we have truly raised the bar and set new competitive standards for the legitimate collateral lending industry. We have been in business for over 40 years and have interest rates as low as 3%. Find out about Chapes-JPL for yourself and discover how simple, safe and satisfying your borrowing experience can be.”

Use budget accommodations

Budget accommodations in the modern day doesn’t always mean ‘low-quality accommodations.’ Websites like AirBnB have revolutionized budget lodgings, and you can even get hostels these days that provide private, family-sized rooms for next to nothing. Sure, you may be attached to the idea of a luxury hotel room – but at what cost? As you’ll most likely be out and about all day with the kids anyway, you probably won’t spend that much time in your hotel room. Therefore, save your pennies for activities instead and book something more wallet-friendly.