It’s a fact that we all suffer stress at times throughout our lives and sadly it’s not something that we can avoid entirely. We all deal with stress differently and there are many ways to define and measure stress, ranging from daily challenges that might take us out of our ‘comfort zone’ to high stress events that are often life changing.


Life is a journey that we are all constantly learning from and it’s the challenges along the way that define who we are. Stress can arise in many forms and can arise unexpectedly, giving you little chance to be prepared for the impact.


These such events take many forms, but generally speaking, the following life events will cause you the most stress during your lifetime.


A major illness

Our health is vital for our survival and suffering from an illness or a major injury can change your perception on life dramatically. When you have to make decisions that you wouldn’t normally make and you are unable to work or are limited in your capacity to work, it can cause an awful lot of stress. It’s mentally draining as well as physically.

Death of a spouse or loved one.

This is undoubtedly one of the most stressful events that you will encounter. When you lose your spouse, not only have you lost your partner you may have been with for many years, but you may have lost a parent to your children, financial and emotional support and your confidant in life.

Losing a child is most likely to be the most painful of losses but often people have the life force to continue with their onward lives because of their other children or partner. The stress can be completely devastating though and sometimes emotionally unable to recover.


It may not be as devastating as the total loss of a partner (through death) but losing your partner through divorce or separation, can equally take out the bottom of your world. No matter what the circumstances and how amicable your relationship might be, it’s helpful to seek assistance from the Law Office of David Pedrazas, PLLC for compassionate and skilled lawyers.


This is typically a happy event but all the same, the stress caused from organizing a wedding can really take its toll. It doesn’t matter whether weddings are planned far in advance or in just a short time, they still can be extremely stressful to coordinate and the quest to create that ‘perfect day’ can cause some anxiety.

Moving home

It can be exciting as well as daunting and not all house moves are wanted. Set aside the initial stress of finding a new home and the move itself, it can actually be really stressful in the fact it’s emotional to leave your old home. Throw in the logistics of removal vans and the sheer magnitude of the job ahead and then settling yourselves in, then you can see how this event is listed as a stressful life change.