Math was not always my favorite subject. In fact math was my least favorite subject hence I was a humanities major in college. I remember having anxiety when I had to do math problems that I didn’t understand. As a kid I used something called Dial-A-Teacher to help me. You would  get on a phone and be able to speak to a teacher.

Fast forward two kids later and I find myself having to teach my kids math problems. What’s so great about learning in 2020 is that unlike my time it is now considered fun.  For those homeschooling moms or moms with kids here is a great website for them. The games range in different grades and levels.

What is is a web resource for interactive math games you can also find other resources such as savings, loans, debt and business.

My favorite games

Grocery cashier-This is perfect as we are teaching my son about making purchases. You can even use gift certificates as cash as you learn $450, $10, $5, $0.50, $0.05, $0.01 this is a great game to teach about money.

Math Balls This is a fun game to add up to the specified number.

Number in order– For my youngest daughter who is 6 she learns about even and odd numbers.

They even have puzzles for memory they can learn about human anatomy and for younger kids there are coloring books.

You have a variety of things to chose from for many different grade levels.

Give a try my kids tried it and enjoyed how fun learning could be.