Human beings are generally judged by their performance; this explains the intense desire to perform well as exhibited by lots of individuals. This behavioral pattern is revealed in different ways and in the different facets of human endeavor.

In no place is this more visible and observable than in the area of sporting activities. Obviously, this is not unrelated with the fact that sporting activities, in more cases than not, require intense physical exertion. Athletes usually have to be in very good physical shape for optimal performance.

This has led to the increase in the demand and research for medications that help with general health and physical fitness. While admittedly, there are many products out there that do not meet the mark, there are also some products that are worth taking a closer look at.

One such product is Cardarine.


This drug is generally known as GW-501516 Cardarine, while also referred to in some quarters simply as GW-501,516. It still has other names by which it is known in different places. For example, it is known in the black market as Endurobol.

A lot has been said about this drug which has generated quite some buzz especially in the sporting world. You can read more about it here. It has been classified as a performance enhancing substance though it was originally manufactured with the intention that it would be a treatment for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

This classification as a performance enhancing drug does not mean that it is no longer useful in either metabolic or cardiovascular treatments. On the contrary, its uses are far reaching and its efficacy is still relevant up till date.

How does it work?

At the very basic, its work is to help the body system burn fat. It does this job by not allowing new fatty acid chains to form, these chains are what condenses into body fat.

By bringing to a stop the production of these fatty acid chains, the body by implication, has to make use of the existing fat stores that are already in the body as opposed to creating new ones. This has proven to be a good alternative and an effective way of burning body fat.

Also, by virtue of how this product works, the amount of oxygen the body muscles make use of increases thereby improving performance in physical activities while boosting the body’s recovery rate. This generally significantly improves one’s energy output, be it for sporting activities or physically demanding routines or jobs.

Benefits of GW-501516 Cardarine

Fat Loss

This occurs as a result of the body’s use of the stored fats while reducing the formation and storage of new fat. This improved body metabolism not only breaks down fat but also gives the body a constant energy supply.

It can therefore be said that as it concerns fat loss, it has a two pronged effect on the body as users wouldn’t have to undergo the sometimes rigorous process of trying to burn fat.

Improved Endurance

This is also one of the benefits of this drug which will be felt within days of taking it. Many of its users, especially athletes, have testified to an increased ability in the gym or work out sessions. Some even report being more comfortable while doing their routines. For example, some say that they breathe better or that their lungs felt more relaxed.

Helps in Muscle Mass Retention

This product is also able to help in muscle mass retention; this is despite the fact that it helps in burning fat. This is one of the reasons why some refer to it as a kind of steroid which, just to be clear, it is not.

Helps Fight Inflammations

It is able to block genes that are prone to getting inflamed, thus preventing and fighting inflammations and swellings.

Doesn’t Suppress Body Hormones

This is one major difference and advantage it has over other performance enhancing drugs. This advantage is that it has no estrogen related side effects and thus, a user would not require a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT).

It Acts as Protection for The Brain

Some researchers have shown that Cardarine helps maintain blood circulation in the brain which in turn prevents brain stress and protects the brain from oxidative damage. There are various other benefits of this drug not listed here which you can read about here: .

Side Effects

Earlier research on the drug showed that it worsened the liver conditions of the lab mice on which it was tested. Although the mice had a prior liver condition before being given a dosage of the drug, this led to the whole experiment being paused at the time.

It was further discovered that it wasn’t safe for use by pregnant women as it could interfere with the development of the fetus.

Further research has been done since then and further findings have been made. The answer to any possible challenge appears to be in the dosage. Thus, it should only be taken as prescribed by your physician or therapist and the rules as to dosage should be strictly adhered to.

Another important factor that can result in side effects is the quality of product your purchase, To buy Cardarine, be sure you search for only reputable sellers to be sure that what you are getting is of the best quality.


It can be seen that there are many benefits to using the GW-501516 Cardarine as distinct from other products within its genre. It can also be seen that these benefits to be gained are much more than just the clichéd performance enhancement which it sure enables.

However, its benefits should not make its users or potential user not to heed professional instruction or prescriptions on how to use the product. This is primarily to avoid abuse, which is never advisable especially when it comes to drugs.