Kids are expensive to provide for – there is no question about that! But, most of us do not think about how to save money for the extra costs that our kids bring along with them. For example, summer camps, clothing (they grow so quickly), and birthday parties. With the summer coming up, there will be an increase in spending when it comes to things like family trips (hopefully – if this virus will go away!) and more. Here are a few ways for you and your family to make do on a budget, without having to cut back on important spending, or pleasure spending, especially with the summer coming up:


Once you start having multiple children, it may seem like your costs are doubling. That is certainly the case if you keep buying your new child new clothes and new toys. Why not encourage some sharing behaviors? Instead of chucking out all the clothes that your older kid has grown out of, pass them onto your youngest. There may even be some clothing such as caps and coats that can be shared between genders. This is the same with toys and infant items such as high-chairs, strollers, and bibs. Also, there may even be some of your own belongings that you can pass onto your kids to save money (such as jewelry, furniture, and potentially even some items from when you were a child if you have saved them). And of course, always ask friends and relatives who may have kids if they have anything they could pass to you. Hand-me-downs are the best way to save money when you have multiple kids and/or friends and family members with little ones, as well.


Sell clutter


What do you do with the stuff that you can’t hand down? Sell it, of course. There are many second-hand clothing websites that will happily exchange your children’s old clothes for money. You may also be able to do this with some toys (but check if your kids still want them first!). Similarly, a stroller or high chair could be sold low cost to another new parent.

For those who have just started a family, you may be able to save money selling items that are no longer suitable for your family home, such as a coffee table that now could be a safety hazard.

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Family bundles

Being a family may open you up to certain family bundle deals. This could include holidays and special attractions in which the kids go free or half price. When dining out, there may be special family meals to share – or at some places, kids eat free! Exploring some of these awesome family bundle deals could make a cheap day out.


There may also be other deals more related to home life such as TV bundles. When food shopping, bigger cartons of milk and pasta may actually work out cheaper that the smaller portioned packages you bought as a couple. Similarly, you may be able to sign up to a family dentist to save on the costly expense of fillings and dental check-ups. There are a lot of bundles to consider, in order to save you money!

Use leftovers

When it comes to feeding time, the cost of all those mouths can be expensive. Bigger portions may mean more leftovers. However, by using up leftovers you may be able to create extra meals. For example, you can use vegetables and leftover meat from roasts to create soups. When you’re overgenerous with portions, don’t just chuck the remaining contents in the bin – wrap it up in plastic wrap and store it in the fridge for another day.