For what reason do we choose what we wear and how we change our appearance? For a lot of people, it’s not just about looking good, it’s about being bold and letting their personality shine throughout their aesthetic. If you have the courage to go your own way, here are a few tips to make a real statement through your fashion.

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Know what people tend to look at first

If you want to make an impact, then go for the places that people tend to look at first. When we “size someone up”, we do it quite literally, often starting from the feet and moving up. As such, a pair of excellent, eye-catching shoes can give you a fantastic first impression.


Find your statement piece

Your shoes can easily be your statement piece, but they tend to only fit certain outfits. As such, if you want a visual throughline that lends a sense of personal consistency throughout your fashion, you should instead look at more versatile accessories. A great pair of glasses, a hat, a bag, a watch, find the accessory that you can use across outfits that brings a bit of you to the table, no matter what else you happen to bear wearing.


Make it a part of you

Fashion isn’t just about what you wear. It can be a part of you, as well. When it comes to body art, think carefully about investing in things like tattoos, make sure you’re comfortable with the idea of getting one before you jump in, as they are, at least, semi-permanent. If you want to be a little more discreet, you can learn more about horizontal tongue piercings, too. What matters is that you don’t limit yourself solely to clothing.


Use your strengths

Your personality is all of you, not just what you think and feel. Finding what is uniquely you means looking at your exterior strengths, as well. We all have them, and we can all use them to great effect. For instance, you can learn about your personal palette, and make sure that you’re choosing outfits and accessories that fit your eye color, hair color, and skin tone. Similarly, learning how to dress to your body shape can help you be a lot more confident in what you wear.


Don’t underestimate the power of makeup

Take a look at the makeup artists and beauticians around you. They can soon become your best friend, helping you find the products and develop the look that helps you stand out from the crowd, no matter what you might be wearing. Makeup artists love the opportunity to help someone stand out of the crowd, so don’t be shy in getting creative with them. You can guarantee you won’t see anyone else using the same look.


The tips above should only be considered inspiration to help give you some ideas of what direction you want to take. When we’re talking about your personality, it has to be a personal choice. Just make sure that, whatever you choose, it’s something you love.