1.Play board games.
I make sure the kids have taken a break from all the internet screen time and we play games like Sorry, Jenga, and my all time favorite Trouble.

2.Enroll in your favorite hobbies.
Since you can’t be in a physical location this is the perfect opportunity to take some virtual classes currently my son is enrolled in photography class with ICD.

3. Do science experiments.
Have fun with sand slime with horizonusa.

4. Virtual Zoo.
The Cincinatti Zoo gives you an opportunity to see the animals live. Check it out here.

5. Bake.
Grab your favorite cookbook and get baking.

6. Play childhood games.
As a break in between classwork we would play red light, green light 1,2,3.

7. Virtual playdates.
If your child is missing their classmates let them go on zoom calls together for a playdate.

8. Take piano lessons.
This is a perfect time to learn a new craft we are taking using simplypiano

9. Take up a new craft.
Why not start a new craft Michael’s has great sales we brought the Cricut to create some projects to sell.

10. Read to other kids.
Use this time to get your kids to help others my daughter read a book on Bronx Bound Books for children’s story time!

What are some things you have done with your kids during this time?