CBD oil is a substance that is derived from the cannabis Sativa plant but is perhaps better known as marijuana or hemp. This mild drug is mistakenly thought to cause intoxication;
however, in recent times it has been discovered as an effective treatment method for several medical conditions. Studies have shown that the chemical within the oil has a direct effect on the brain which can impact our mood and emotions, sense of pain and psychological function. If you are suffering from a health condition and wondering how you can ease the symptoms, CBD oil may be a valid treatment option for you.

Here are some of the main benefits:

1. Anxiety
Researchers believe that CBD oil could manage the symptoms of anxiety. The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) discovered that CBD was shown to dramatically reduce signs of stress in
rats by lowering their heart rate and changing their cognitive state. It’s believed that CBD can alter receptors in the brain which influence our mood and help keep anxiety levels under control.
At this stage, there is more research to be carried out to determine the link between CBD and anxiety, but the results so far are proving positive according to scientists.

2. Chronic Pain
For those suffering from a chronic pain condition such as arthritis, CBD oil could be a valuable treatment method. Studies have found that the pain receptors in the brain are affected by the
natural substance which goes on to relieve pain, stiffness and inflammation of the joints.

3. Anti-Acne
Skin conditions such as acne can be extremely hard to treat. 9% of the population suffers from acne, but many are unsure how to manage it. CBD helps combat acne by reducing inflammation in the skin. Acne is caused when the sebaceous glands over-produce oil which causes overhydration and clogged pores, eventually leading to breakouts. CBD oil prevents this from happening. Before making any decisions about using CBD oil for skin conditions, it would be well worth discussing your options with your GP or dermatologist to see if this treatment is suitable for you. You can rub CBD oil from www.solutionsbydrdave.com/collections/full-spectrum-tinctures onto the skin, by squirting it into your hand and applying to the affected area.

4. Cancer Symptoms
Cancer patients become very sick when undergoing treatment and are likely to experience symptoms such as vomiting, pain and fatigue. However, taking CBD oil orally could alleviate symptoms following chemotherapy. Although many drugs can help combat the same issue, CBD is a safer and more natural option. Some people are also convinced by CBD’s ability to prevent and cure cancer; however, there has been no scientific evidence to suggest the truth behind this. Studies to determine CBD as a treatment method for cancer is expected to occur in the next few years.

If you suffer from any of the above conditions and are on the lookout for treatment methods, CBD is a natural and effective option that may be worth trying.