Covid-19 has been a shock to all of our systems. Some like to call it “global reset”, the Mayor compares this to shaking a snow globe upside down eventually thing fall back in place. Whatever you call it Covid-19 has affected people in more ways than one. Some people have lost their jobs while others have lost loved ones; others like frontline workers are stretched beyond their limits to provide services. I myself can no longer work as a substitute teacher due to my kids not being able to go to school.

Another industry that many don’t talk about but has been affected too is the food industry. We may not think about it but what about waiters and waitresses who relied on tips in order to pay their bills. During this time there are not tips because we can only do take-out. When we return back to “normal”(whatever that will look like) how can we be of support?

  1. When going back to the industry make sure you tip properly waiters rely on them. Here is a tip calculator you can use.
  2. Another way to support waiter staff is being creative on social media some have created go fund me pages to invite their customers to tip temporarily.
  3. Support current staff at restaurants by ordering take out/delivery.

We are truly in uncertain times but I do believe we will get back up. Restaurants will open again. New measures will be set in place but they will come back. It is going to look different but know we will be back and support your waiters and waitresses.