Watching your parents get older is one of the hardest things you can do. After all, you spend your entire life being able to look up to and depend on your parents. Seeing them get older and begin to need more help in their everyday life can be incredibly difficult – maybe one of the most difficult things that you’ve ever had to do. However, one mistake that far too many people make is that they assume that their parents need constant care the moment that they start to get older. More often than not, doing that is likely to leave your parents feeling as though they’re being condescended to and that they’re losing their independence – something that many people value just as much (if not more) as they get older. With that in mind, here are some things that you can do in order to support your parents as they get older without taking away their independence:


Dropping by occasionally

If you are feeling worried about your parents, then it can often be incredibly tempting to check in on them constantly, which is likely to make them feel smothered and kind of (or very) frustrated. After all, no one likes being treated as though they’re totally unable to look after themselves. However, if you drop by from time to time, then you’re going to be able to check up on them and give them a helping hand with certain things without making them feel like you’re smothering them. Drop by occasionally and ask if they need help. If they don’t, leave it at that and just have a fun evening together. Focus less on controlling them or trying to help them and more on connecting, having fun, and spending time together. That is one way to make sure they do not feel as if they are a burden. Put dinner on the table and have a good night!

Offering emotional support

Sometimes it’s not the practical side of things that older people really need support with (sometimes it is, however — there is a good balance). Getting older can be tough, and a lot of people start to feel as though they’re not as valued as they once were by the people around them. By being there to offer emotional support to them, you’re able to show them that that simply isn’t true and that you still value them as much as before. Even something as simple as sitting down with them and listening to the things that they have to say can have an incredibly significant impact on the way that they feel about getting older.

The right resources

A lot of the time your parents will have specific needs. That doesn’t mean that they need people to look after them all of the time. A good balance between having the things that they need and being smothered is making sure that they have the right resources accessible to them. Luckily you can buy wheelchairs & walking aids online, as well as many of the other things that your parents might need. That way they’re able to hold onto their independence but you’re not going to have to worry about them all of the time. For practical things such as getting an oil change or getting their hair done, help them find trustworthy businesses that won’t take advantage of their age. 

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Of course, it’s important to be able to recognize when your parents start to need more help than you can necessarily provide. They might not want to fully accept it, but it’s important to think carefully about what the next step is when the time comes when your parents’ health has reached the point that they aren’t able to live independently anymore. It’s never an easy decision to make, but it’s one you have to think about very carefully.