Times are changing and to a large extent, with these changes come reasons to celebrate. Because of consistent developments in clinical sciences, the inabilities associated with being an amputee can now be resolved. It really is a world filled with endless possibilities.

The good thing is that technology plays a huge part in this process. As a result, humans are breaking
the norm for good, reaching beyond borders, and achieving extraordinary feats.

Welcome to the world of custom prosthetics!

In this article, we will be addressing the subject of artificial implants. We will be looking at why anyone would need it as well as how functional it can be. If you need clarifications on the benefits of this artificial implant, you would do well to keep reading.

What is Prosthetics?
To help you understand what it is, let us paint visual images.

Imagine the fate of a veteran who served courageously in the army and lost an arm, leg, finger, limb, or any other part of the body.

You certainly know that the job comes with occupational hazards. From losing lives, vital body parts, to the possibility of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and more, there is so much these pals have
to deal with.

To help such veterans, the clinical sciences and technology have made life much easier. With the help of these artificial implants, body parts that are missing can be replaced.

Prosthetics is the use of artificial implants to replace missing body parts. It will amaze you to know that this includes some overly sensitive parts. Parts such as the breast fall into this category. For more information on this, you can visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prosthesis.

Well, outside of soldiers, other people need and also benefit from this innovation. Let us quickly look at reasons why anyone may require this intervention.

Custom Prosthetics – Who Needs It?

Below are general conditions that may require the use of prosthetics.

Congenital Disorder
Do not get carried away by the term. It simply means complications arising from birth.

As unusual as it can be, some people have never had some parts of the body. Parts such as the hands, legs, fingers, among others fall into this category. This may be as a result of complications during the pregnancy or some other unexplainable issues.

For people like this, they can enjoy the privilege that their birthing process did not afford them. Such persons can get custom made prosthetics that fit into their lifestyle.


As with the illustration given above, some people are faced with life-threatening occupational hazards. Other than this, some people have accidents that result in the need for the amputation of body parts. For such people, a custom-made artificial implant can make up for the loss.

Sickness and Ailments

Other than accidents and congenital disorders, there are health complications that can cause the loss of body parts and functions. In fact, some sorts can require the amputation of some body parts to live a better life. Peripheral arterial ailment is an example of a condition that can warrant an amputation.

For more reasons why amputation may be necessary, you can click here.

For people that fall into this category, the innovation of various kinds of prosthetics is a lifeline.

Typical Process of Getting Prosthetics

Haven’t established the purpose and those who can benefit from prosthetics, what is the process for obtaining this artificial implantation?

For the record, there is no one-size-fits-all prosthetic product available. Why is this?

The situations that warrant the need for these implants are different. For example, if two veterans lost an arm, there would be peculiarities about their lost body parts. The arm size, part amputated, frequent body action among others are important differences to be taken into consideration.

As a result, on the subject of getting prosthetics, it has to be custom-built. It should be tailored to meet the patient’s inabilities, needs, and preferences.

To ensure that this is done right, there is a need for a meeting between the prosthetic company’s personnel and the patient. During this meeting, various questions will be asked and a physical examination will be conducted.

Also, viable options that will help meet the patient’s expectations will be tabled in this meeting.

Furthermore, after the implantation is carried out, there will be periodic check-ups to ascertain the functionality. Convenience is another reason why the check-ups are necessary. Considering that it is a new and artificial addition, tips on how to adapt to the new reality is shared by the company.

How Functional Is Prosthetics?
Considering technological advancement in the clinical sciences, the trends are changing. A while ago prosthetics were merely to fill in the missing blanks left by the missing parts. They did no more than preventing the awkward look of an amputated body part.

Well, things are a lot different now. In fact, there are categories of prosthetics that can be mind controlled. Extremely amazing, isn’t it?

The use of 3D printers, chips, and other synthetic additions have helped progress this course. As a matter of fact, people who use these customized artificial implants are defying the odds.

How about an arm amputee doing incredible things on the drums, a leg amputee playing ice-hockey, or a finger amputee playing slow rhythms on the piano? The list is endless as you cannot have enough of the wonders of prosthetics.

To help you relate better, can you remember Oscar Pistorius

He is an award-winning sprinter in both non-disabled and disabled sprinting events. He was able to achieve such a feat with the help of prosthetics.

This validates the amazing functionality of this artificial implant. For those who have lost or never had these body parts, this innovation is a ground-breaking one for them.

On a Final Note

As a result of the inability to use vital body parts, many people are constantly depressed. Well, the good news is that that can always come to an end.

With the right kind of artificial implantation from the right company, you can have the mobility you need. For those who live in Utah and its surrounding, there are great Utah prosthetics companies committed to making the lives of their patients better.

In this article, we have discussed important lessons concerning prosthetics. Facets such as its purpose, need, and functionality have been explained.

Take some time to learn more and find the right solution that will help you live life to the full regardless of whatever physical disabilities you may have.