Coming out of lockdown the world is going to look like one big giant scary place. Or is it? Investors will always tell you that, when the world is decaying around them, they see opportunities where others cannot. If you are savvy enough to read between the financial lines, you will know that you can make a lot of profit coming out of recession. In fact, you could make more because the short-term recovery opportunities will give you a sharper rise in profit than a normal market could. But, to this end, you need to spend money to make money.

Tech stack

A technology stock portfolio in the wake of the pandemic is the right way to go. You will need to start investing in companies that are making portable and easy-to-use technology that focuses on the early detection of viruses. You can bet your bottom dollar that businesses will want to have their own ‘track and trace’ machines at their office so that in the future, they can take more autonomous measures to keep their business open. However, what kind of technology stocks fit this bill?

Abbott Labs – They are making advancements in swob tests and studying antibodies that can attack the virus.
Chembio Diagnostics – it has been making progress in the diagnostics of the virus. The US FDA has authorized the emergency use of it’s a point-of-care system that can detect coronavirus antibodies with just a fingerstick prick sample.
Quest – It has been doing 150,000 antibody tests every single day since May and is one of the best stocks to watch.


Odd one out or left out?

Everyone is fearful of being let go from their place of work. We are witnessing a massive amount of job losses every single week. So, every person should be raring to go and charge back into work to get some self-value back, feel better about their financial situation and show their boss they are ready and willing to work. But, what if you become the odd one out? What if you were left out of the huge ‘come back to work’ wave? Most of all, what if it wasn’t your fault? Being hit by a car, slipping and falling in a retail store, or simply being hurt walking down the street by a cyclist, can leave you injured, out of work, and missing out on the huge economic recovery. Spending money on a Personal Injury Attorney is one way you can make all your lost money back. This is a service you shouldn’t be willing to skip out on, not in this crisis we’re in.

Investing in the vaccine?

There are a number of vaccines that are showing signs of progress but the most advanced is the Oxford vaccine. However, there are a few vaccines in America that are also showing signs of progress. Now is the time to invest in the companies that have been given contracts to produce millions of samples.

AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer, and BioNTech are the top 4 companies whose stocks are going to shoot up in the coming weeks.

You may think that you should be frugal and focus on saving money to get out of this lockdown recession. But, as you can see, spending money in the right areas, will net you the highest profits.