The family room is often the centre of the household. It’s where everyone hangs out and where your whole family will spend a lot of time. Your family room needs to be comfortable, functional, and fun since it’s where you’ll be relaxing, playing games and spending time bonding as a family. Incorporating some fun design elements with the functionality that you need will help you to create the perfect family room.

Make it warm and inviting
Your family room needs to exude warmth and comfort. Avoid furniture or décor that is rigid, stark, or breakable. You don’t want to be scared to touch things in your family room, since the kids will likely be running around in there, playing with toys and there may be spills. Choose materials that are easy to clean with functional elements, like removable cushion covers, so that you’re not afraid to put your feet up and relax, and don’t forget fluffy pillows and blankets. Install a tall radiator which won’t take up valuable wall and floor space, but will still provide the heat output you need to keep the room toasty and cozy.

Choose bold, vibrant colors
Your family room is one room in the house where you get to be bold. It’s a place for having fun, laughing and playing, so don’t be afraid to use vibrant colors to create a happy atmosphere . If you don’t want to go crazy on the walls, you can choose a neutral, such as a light grey on the walls, and have fun with accessories. Add patterned rugs, throw pillows, and fun light fixtures to make the space unique. Choose bold, bright artwork, light colored geometric styles, and don’t forget to hang your kid’s artwork as well.

Add in fun seating
There are so many fun and different seating options available, and your family room is the perfect space to experiment. The kids will love lounging on squishy bean bag chairs to read books, and you’ll secretly love it too! Add some ceiling-mounted swing chairs, or get a swivelling bubble chair for a statement piece that your guests will enjoy sitting in. Chairs no longer need to be just for function, and can now be an impactful part of the design.

Create functional surfaces
The family room serves many different functions. You’ll use the space for family games night, to do arts and crafts, and munch on snacks while watching movies. Having functional surfaces, that can comfortably seat your family around them, will provide a versatile space for a variety of
activities. You kids can use it as a workstation while they do their homework, and the family can sit around it to play monopoly. You can also use it for craft projects, or to set out snacks for movie night. A large square coffee table, with some floor cushions around it, could provide the perfect setup for all your needs.
The perfect family room will look different for everyone, but using these tips as a blueprint will help you make functional and fun design decisions.