If you’re taking the motorbike out for a weekend’s vacation, there are some essential items that you shouldn’t forget. Even seasoned riders sometimes forget an essential to two and end up kicking themselves for the whole trip. To avoid disappointment, make a list the day before you set out and lay out what you can by the door or in the garage so that you have the chance to double-check your preparations and catch anything that might have slipped your mind.

Motorbike Vacations
All across the US, motorbike vacations are incredibly popular. In 2018, it was estimated that as many as 24% of American motorbike riders were retired, meaning they have plenty of time to take long weekend trips to explore towns, take in the countryside and visit new restaurants on the back of their bike. The one essential every motorbike veteran should be
sure to have is a set of top-quality leathers.

● Top-quality leathers
Leathers should look brilliant, but riders must remember that their main purpose is to keep riders safe. Protective leathers have inner linings comprising Kevlar fiber that are resistant to abrasion. They should be comfortable at all times, but it is most important that they fit well when in the riding position, as you may be endangering yourself if you are constantly adjusting your leathers during a trip.

● A comfortable motorbike
To match the leathers, a comfortable and stunning looking motorbike is a must-have. Check out a Suzuki motorbike and snap up an aesthetically pleasing and reliable model for your trip. If you are only going away for one night, any size motorbike will do. Simply pack your small overnight bag into the storage compartment and whisk yourself away for a brief

● Cooking utensils
One method of keeping motorbike holidays inexpensive is to do your own cooking along the way. Prepare some camping-style recipes and pack a portable gas stove so that you can make amazing meals anywhere you choose to lay down your helmet.

● A map or GPS system
It might sound obvious, but having something to help your track your position and progress is immensely useful when riding roads you are not familiar with. Taking along a map is more old-school, as you will have to dismount and check it regularly, but they are more reliable than GPS systems or smartphones, which could run out of power.

● Toiletries
Depending on the type of accommodation you intend to stay in, your toiletry needs may differ. The absolute essentials, however, are toothbrush and toothpaste, something to wash your face with, antiperspirant, some shower gel and a towel.

● Bluetooth speaker and headphones
Some motorcycle helmets have Bluetooth speakers built in, allowing you to listen to music the same way car drivers do, or to call other riders in your group. It is also worth taking a Bluetooth speaker with a longlived battery so that you can listen to the radio or pump out some music on an evening as you and your riding partner settle down for a meal and few drinks around the campfire.