There are plenty of perks of working in law. You get to work interesting cases, meet new people and earn a decent salary, too.

However, going into law shouldn’t be something you consider lightly. It can be a difficult sector where you’ll work long hours and constantly be challenged. Here aresome of the things you should know before training in law.

The different areas
There are many different areas of practice. While you’ll learn as you go, most people who start training in law have an idea of what area interests them. You might go into family law where you could gain experience in divorce, or you could go into personal injury law where you might become a car accident attorney. It’s worth doing some research before you start your training to get an idea of what interests you. You don’t want to seem naïve and inexperienced in relation to your peers.

The difference between learning and practicing
Academic law and practical law are two very different things. When you’re learning, you’ll look at law with an academic mindset. You’ll be analytical and dissect high profile cases and case studies. However, real clients want short and coherent answers without too much legal jargon. So, get into a good mindset early on and know the difference.

The importance of work experience
So, as you know, there’s a huge difference between studying and practicing law. This means that work experience is crucial in bridging the gap between someone who knows a lot about law to someone who has practical knowledge. Law students are encouraged to find work experience in law firms and gain experience. Your course might have a mandatory work experience period, but it’s always useful to find something for yourself earlier, too. If you feel like this might phase you, a career in law might not be the right step for you.

Being corrected is normal
Lawyers know language. They have a lot of knowledge and experience in what they do. So, when training in law, be prepared to be corrected a lot. Your lecturers will correct you, lawyers in your work experience firm will correct you and, most annoyingly, your peers will correct you. Don’t let it bother you. Students are encouraged to have debates and challenge each other. So, be prepared to be corrected and correct others. It’s the best way to learn.

It’s a long journey
Training in law is no mean feat. It takes time and patience. You won’t learn
everything instantly. In fact, most lawyers continue to learn throughout their careers. So, be prepared for the long haul and enjoy what you’ll learn. There’s a long journey ahead but it’s worth it if you know you want a career in the legal industry.