Do you want to spoil that special person in your life on their next birthday? If so, it’s imperative that you resist the urge to wrap them up a pair of slippers and/or some cheap cologne! You have to put some thought into their present… you have to gift him or her with something that proves just how much you care.
If you want to see your loved one’s eyes light up on their next birthday, you’re going to want to heed the advice laid out below. Here are three gift ideas that the special person in your life will be sure to adore:

Personalized chocolate box
If your loved one is an avid fan of all things chocolate, then you should stick to what you know and gift him or her with a box of choc treats. This does not, however, necessarily mean that you have to gift them with the same boring box of chocolates that you wrapped up for them last year… and the year before that… and the year before that. At Dallmann Confections, you can build your own chocolate box and present your loved one with a bespoke choc-eating experience like no other. Wrapping up this decadent gift for the special person in your life is the perfect way to showcase just how much you know them, care for them, and love them.

Make them something special
Nothing says I love you like a handcrafted present. Going out of your way to create a personalized
gift will show just how much time you’re willing to put into your relationship, not to mention effort,
which in turn will make your loved one feel special and valued.
If those creative juices refuse to flow, here are three awesome craft ideas for you to use as inspiration:
A love message in a bottle
A scrapbook filled with memories and photos
A jar full of inspirational messages and quotes for every day of the year

Spend quality time together
You don’t need a lot of money in the bank to be able to spoil your loved one on their birthday, as sometimes spending a bit of time with them on their big day will make them feel special. If you normally lead a very busy and hectic lifestyle, spending some quality time with your loved one over a sustained period of time might prove difficult. In order to be able to devote your undivided attention to them on their birthday, you’re going to need to clear your schedule. Here are five steps you should take to perform this all-important task:

Give your co-workers plenty of notice that you will be unreachable
Make use of project automation and management tools
Delegate tasks to your colleagues/employees
Learn to say ‘no’
Turn off your work phone

Do you want to spoil the special person in your life on their next birthday? If so, be sure to consider gifting them any of the three gift ideas listed above.