As the temperature starts to drop and the days become shorter, you are probably considering making a few changes to ensure that your lifestyle is as winter-ready as possible. For instance, with adverse winter weather such as snow, ice, and rain affecting road conditions, it is important that you prepare your car for the winter to ensure that you feel comfortable and secure when driving. However, many winter car maintenance tasks can be pricey, and you might be tempted to skip them altogether if you are on a tight budget. To help you out, read on find out how to prepare your car for the winter months while on a budget.

Thoroughly wash your car
Washing your car not only ensures that it always looks its best, but prevents damage caused by a build-up of dirt. Areas to pay particular attention to include lights, windows, and windscreen wipers, to ensure maximum visibility for both yourself while driving and other road users coming into contact with your vehicle. However, why not clean your car yourself? not only will this save you the money otherwise spent on valeting, you will be able to assess the condition of your car for any necessary repair work.

Check the condition of your tires
Your vehicle’s tires sustain a lot of wear and tear while out on the road, and you should check them often to make sure that there are at the correct pressure and tread, without any kinks or tears in the rubber. Look out for Discount Tire coupons if your vehicle is in need of a new set of tires. Tires are essential when turning and breaking, and as such can quickly become hazardous in icy winter conditions if they are not maintained well. For even greater security, you could consider changing from summer to winter tires, which offers increased grip on damp, icy surfaces.

Keep a winter maintenance kit in your car
Most people have experienced that frustrating moment of not having a scraper on hand on the first frosty morning of the season, and having to use a CD case to do the job. Make sure you have a winter maintenance kit at all times. In addition to a scraper, this should also include a de-icer, screenwash, and windshield cover.
You should also include some tools in the event that you experience a winter break down, such as a shovel, blanket, flashlight, and snow grips for shoes.

Check your battery
Your car’s battery goes through a lot during the winter months. In addition to cold temperatures reducing its output, the increased use of lights, heating and de-misters during cold, dark days can cause a lot of strain.
If your car has a flat battery and won’t start, you could try giving it a jump start with the help of a pair of jump leads and a friend or partner’s functional car. Make sure to carry a jump lead in your boot.