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Your baby’s christening is a really special day. Not only are you welcoming your new baby to the church and to the Christian community, but it is also a chance to introduce your new bundle of joy to all your friends and family. 

You want this day to feel special to everyone involved and make it a day to remember. This is especially for women who have struggled to get pregnant. Thankfully, there are clinics like Advanced Fertility that help with this, and so when you have gone through IVF treatment, a christening can really be a special moment.

One thing you will need to consider is how you are going to decorate the venue. While it is traditional to choose balloons in a simple pink or blue (or both if you have twins!) why not use the balloons in a unique way to make your baby’s christening really memorable.

Personalize your christening balloons to include your baby’s name and birthday or the date of the christening. You can use the traditional pink or blue or you could choose a different color to set your balloons apart. Yellow, lilac, or turquoise can give your christening a new twist on tradition. Then print the name of your baby and the date onto your balloons. Not only does this place emphasis on the celebration of your baby but you can also keep the balloons as keepsakes for many years to come once they have deflated. Another way that is becoming more popular for christening balloons is to print a photo of your baby onto the balloons. Again, this can make a wonderful keepsake to keep as your child grows up. You will be able to get these balloons out on your child’s 18th birthday and coo over how cute and small they were as a baby.

As before, you don’t have to stick to tradition. Though many christening balloons include ducks and baby rattles, you could use balloons in the shape of other animals. Elephants, bears, or birds can make a cute change and give your christening balloons some personality. These will also prove popular with other children at the party. Kids love playing with balloons and can provide hours of fun, especially if they are in the shape of a big friendly elephant. If you’re feeling creative, you could also use long latex balloons to turn them into balloon animals for the other children to play with.

To make a bigger impact you can use large numbers of plain balloons to create a balloon ‘structure’ of your baby’s name. There are many party companies that will be able to make these to order for you, however, if you are artistic you could make it yourself. You will need a few hundred air-filled plain colored balloons and then you just need to tie the balloons together with ribbon to create the letters of the name. In a similar way, you could make a balloon arch out of balloons to place at the entry or exit of the venue of the christening party.

There are many wonderful and unique ways in which you can use christening balloons to make your baby’s christening shine. Balloons are a great way to have fun and be creative with the traditional to make your child’s christening memorable, even if they won’t remember it themselves!