The ongoing health crisis has forced many people to stay inside their homes and travel outside only when necessary. Although staying indoors is encouraged to prevent the current pandemic from getting worse, it can get monotonous and result in lots of spare time.

You don’t have to stay bored, though. You could take steps to keep yourself mentally sharp at home.

Here are six actionable tips to keep your brain active without leaving the comfort of your home:

Looking to further your career and keep your mind sharp at the same time? Take this opportunity to enroll in online postgraduate education. Taking up a master’s degree has many benefits. A postgraduate degree enables you to transition into senior roles more easily.

What’s more, a master’s degree can increase your earning potential. According to a report from The College Board, employees who graduated with a bachelor’s degree earn $65,400 annually on average. On the other hand, those with a postgraduate degree earn an average income of $80,200 per year.

Try volunteering on a new project, developing a new hobby, or teaching yourself a skill to keep your mind engaged. If you want to become a YouTuber, for instance, you’ll need more than a budget laptop for video editing. You also need to pick up related skills, such as doing research, writing a script and sound engineering.

Keeping your body active was manageable before the pandemic hit, as you could freely jog around your neighborhood or hit the gym whenever you feel like it. The situation, however, is different today. Fitness centers may not be open. Also, exercising in your neighborhood might require you to wear a face covering, making working out difficult for you.

Don’t fret, though. You can get plenty of exercise without stepping out of your home. You could allot an hour a day practicing yoga techniques in a quiet room. If you’re building muscles, order weights and create a routine similar to what you follow at the gym. Staying physically active helps improve blood circulation, which is necessary for optimal brain health.

Quality and adequate sleep are essential to your mental health. It gives your mind time to process everything you experienced or learned in a day. A good night’s rest also improves your mood,