Naturally, if you’re already in a marriage, then you may not be too worried about yourself, but you might have some concerns about single friends who are ready to fall in love, only to find that it’s not a great time out there in the world right now. But given that we have no real idea as to how long the ongoing pandemic is going to affect daily life, is it really wise to say that we should hold off on relationships for the foreseeable? What options do you really have?

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Should you put a relationship off?

There are some serious talks to be had if you’re at the start of pursuing a relationship during COVID-19. You may need to talk about quarantining together or the boundaries you have to set up in order to safely stay apart. However, one thing that may not work is, as some would suggest, simply not dating. Meaningful connections such as romantic relationships can be more important to your mental health than you realise, especially during such a stressful time as the one that we’re living in right now.

Virtually dating

For a lot of people, dating isn’t going to change all that much, since so many people are relying on the internet to help them match up with people all the same. Online dating has been around almost as long as the internet itself, but it can be easily misunderstood by those who haven’t done it. It’s not all hook-up apps. For those really looking to get to know someone, sites like can help them better match people who fit what they’re looking for. That can mean taking the time to court, as well as the other kinds of encounters, it’s down to the individual.

Spending time together

You can meet people online just fine, but you are going to want to find ways to spend time together that don’t simply involve talking over the phone or internet. To that end, there are websites like that allow you or your date to share videos that you can access online. As such, a lot of people use them to share streams or YouTube videos so you can have a movie night online, allowing you to spend some time together as a couple.

Dating responsibly

A lot more people, even those who would usually take the time to meet up more regularly, are spending time online, as mentioned. However, if you want to actually meet in person, it’s not impossible, given that you’re following your local guidelines. You just need to limit close contact and make sure that you’re not sharing enclosed and tight spaces. The guidelines at can help you set the boundaries for a safe date.

If you’re looking for love in the time of COVID-19, it doesn’t have to be as hard to meet people as you might imagine. However, it is worth going the extra mile to stay safe as you do.