If there is one alternative to screaming arguments between co parents, it’s mediation. To be sat in a safe place to talk quietly and considerately with the person you created children with is a must, and there is nothing more toxic between parents than shouting matches. Mediation is a viable, calm option to avoid the long walk to a courtroom, and there are so many reasons you should take mediation as an option.

When co parents contact award-winning family law attorneys, mediation is one of the first things that is suggested. Why? Well, we’ve got six reasons to go for it. 

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  1. Time-Saving

Going to court is a long process and it’s stressful. Mediation gives you a chance to sit together without the mounting legal fees and without a huge court calendar to wait on. Being in court can be difficult, but if you are smart about how to manage your difficulties in your relationship, you’re going to keep everything out of an expensive courtroom and in the calmer mediation area.

  1. It’s Cheap

Co Parenting is not easy, and the last thing that you need when you’re running two households is any more expense. So, the best thing that you can do is to go to mediation and avoid a court appearance if you can. In mediation, you can discuss your issues with someone to mediate between you, without the substantial time and cash spent in court.

  1. It’s Not As Upsetting

Unlike court, mediation is not as upsetting and emotionally-draining. Hurt feelings are a spider web of pain in a co parenting situation, and court tends to exacerbate those feelings. Mediation, however, provides that chance for a conclusion that is reached in a calm and reasonable way as opposed to an all-out war. 

  1. You Can Talk Openly

You once loved each other enough to make a family together. When you are going through a break-up, you are going to be in front of someone else and hashing out the details of your relationship and how to split custody and belongings. That’s a raw, emotional thing to discuss. You need to think about how you can speak up together and mediation can allow for an open discussion.

  1. You Get Privacy

Mediation is not open to the public. Court is open to the public and this means that anyone can access the evidence and conversations. It doesn’t matter whether you are high profile or not, you want to value your privacy for the sake of your children in the future. Mediation offers you the privacy you need.

  1. You Consent To The Discussion

If you are summoned to a courtroom, you don’t have a choice without being in contempt of court or without making a huge mistake. Meditation is powerful for you as you can choose to attend and have a discussion. Mediation gives you the chance to sit together and talk like the grown ups who were once in love.

Choosing meditation is easy compared to other areas of litigation. Take control and talk to each other.