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The day you always dreamed of has come and gone. The cake was delicious, the photos were stunning, and the dancing was a blast. Now comes the next chapter in your life as you become a married couple. Marriage is an ancient tradition, so there have been countless pieces of sage advice offered to newlyweds. Here are some handy tips to take forward as you build your relationship with your partner to create a long-lasting and successful marriage. 

Keep That Wedding Feeling

The day might be over, but that doesn’t mean the fun needs to be. Spend time with your partner creating a photo album or scrapbook that commemorates the day that you can reminisce with in years to come. Remember, all of your guests will have spent time and effort to make your wedding memorable, so be sure to pick out a particular favorite picture and use it as a thank you card. MagnetStreet wedding thank you cards will be a lovely way to show your guests how much you appreciated their attendance and any wedding gifts they might have given you. Remember, taking the time to record your wedding in whatever format you may choose might come in handy down the line when you are thinking of the perfect anniversary card and gift as well. And it will always be fun to pull out the scrapbook and giggle at your dancing moves. 


You might have blown the budget on the honeymoon of a lifetime or kept things more low key with a local adventure. Whatever your preference, make sure this isn’t the last holiday you have as a couple. Our lives are more hectic than ever, and you may find that time with your loved one is fleeting, especially if you work different shift patterns or one of you works away from home a lot. Holidays are dedicated time just for you and your family. It is a protected time that you can spend together. DDon’tunderestimate the value of that time, and try to make sure you can grab them as often as possible. They don’t need to dent the bank balance every time. A holiday at home (or staycation as they have become known) can be just as effective. 

Marriage Needs Support

Remember, while two people may make a marriage, countless others will support it. Rely on friends and family when you need them. As a couple, there will likely be ups and downs on your path. A good support network will help you come through any tribulations with a relationship intact. You must know who you can confide in and whom you can turn to when you need it most. Find friends and family members that you both trust, and you will feel more secure in reaching out when you need to.

Find Marriage Role Models

Magazines and websites may dish out gossip, and journalists might love nothing more than a celebrity break up. But that doesn’t provide an excellent source of inspiration when you are trying to build a successful marriage. Look for role models around yourself. Is there a couple you both know who you admire? Ask them what their secret is. Maybe you pass an elderly couple holding hands on your morning commute. Let them know how inspirational you find it, and they will likely be flattered and only too happy to give you a pearl of wisdom. 

Dates are Not In The Past

It is easy to let dating slide as we come down from the wedding and adjust to life in the real world with jobs, laundry, and dirty dishes. Dates may soon drift down your priority list without you even realizing it. But, like holidays, they are dedicated a couple of times and should be treasured. DDon’tlet them go stale either. Be creative. DDon’talways go to the same restaurant every month, or if you do, make sure you do some other dates alongside it. Take your partner horse riding, learn to skydive, go for a walk on a beach. All of these things are memories that you can make and share. They are the foundation of a relationship where you take time to listen and grow together. 


Intimacy is more than just moments in a bedroom. Intimacy can mean sharing a secret or having a private joke that only you and your partner know. Intimacy is about trusting and caring for another person that you hold close to your heart. Intimate moments can be subtle too. They can be a shared smile across the room at a house party, or they can be staying up all night talking about every worry in your mind. Intimacy can be holding someone’s hand at the doctors, or it can be throwing them an extravagant birthday bash with the added unique detail that only they will notice. Intimacy is vital in any flourishing relationship, and it is an excellent way of demonstrating to your partner just how much you know them and care for them. 


The intimate private joke can be a lot of fun. So can those embarrassing stories that you just can’t help coming back to time after time. There is a good possibility that you fell in love because you make each other laugh, so laughter is a crucial ingredient for any marriage. Laughter can help take the heat out of an argument (although the timing does have to be right), it can help you grow closer together, and most of all, enjoy each other’s company. If you only spend time complaining about the house chores needing to be done and strictly whose responsible, you won’t be rushing to get home from work. But if you know a giggle awaits you on the other side, then that might be different. That doesn’t mean you both need to be clowns or that you need to poke fun at each other. But if you fell in love while laughing, staying in love needs laughter too.

Keep A Life Outside The Marriage

Couples can share a hobby. That may be how they first got together. It might also be the basis for many wonderful date nights, laughing sessions, or even holidays. But remember, what your partner fell in love with is your identity. Successful marriages are when independent people form a union. That does not erase their independence. It is excellent for you to be able to have time apart. It is healthy to take time for yourself. It can help recharge your batteries, and it also means you and your partner will have interests to share with one another. It can become tough to discuss how your day went with someone if you spend every waking moment together. Keeping your independence does not mean your relationship is suffering. In fact, it can often help if there has been tension to have even a few hours apart so you can come back together with fresh perspectives. 

Gifts Aren’t Just For Christmas.

Gifts aren’t just for birthdays or anniversaries, either. They can come at any time. Is your partner having a tough time at work, then a bunch of flowers may brighten their day. Perhaps you have a reason to celebrate, then think about making the moment even more special with a thoughtful gift. Gifts can be incredibly simple gestures, and they can transform someone’s day. A simple love letter can remind someone how special they are to you and become a treasured keepsake. Gifts are an especially good idea if you do travel for work. Hiding treats around the home will tell them you are thinking of them when they might be lonely, and it can also be fun to think of where you might want to hide them. Do they hate cleaning the bathroom, a little note in the marigold gloves could be amusing and show how much you appreciate all they do for you and your family home. 

Talk About The Future

You have spent years talking about the wedding, but that will all be over in the blink of an eye. Then you will have your whole future ahead of you. Take time to discuss that too. Create a shared vision, whether it is the perfect house or a huge family, or an around the world trip. Things might not go to plan, and even little things can blow you off course but taking the time to discuss the future will help you learn what your partner values in life and what is most dear to their hearts. When little bumps in the road do come, your responses won’t surprise each other, and you will know where to compromise and what your partner will expect from you. On top of this, it is fun! Name your imaginary pet dog, list out how many kids you will have and what car you will drive. You don’t need to stick to it. You will grow together, and your priorities may change, but you can build a life upon those moments of dreaming, 

Finally, remember those wedding rings have not been super glued onto your fingers. All marriages need ongoing work. Sometimes this might be easy, and sometimes it might be hard but tackling it together, whatever comes, is the best way to ensure that the ring stays on the finger without the glue.