It’s almost the holiday season, which means snowball fights, visits from Santa and plenty of mulled wine, of course. It’s a wonderful time of year which allows most of us to wind down and relax.

Most people find they end up driving a lot during the holiday season, perhaps to visit family or go on road trips. While some driving can’t be avoided, it’s always a good idea to try to drive less during the holidays. Here’s why. 

Reduce traffic

The roads can become extremely busy during the holiday season. Everyone’s driving to see their families and rushing to get the festivities started. This can mean that roads become gridlocked and dangerous. Additionally, many people drink more than normal during the holiday season and can make irrational decisions, such as getting behind the wheel when they shouldn’t, or leaving their license at home – what happens if you get in an accident without a license in Texas? Find out via the link. Accidents are more common during the holiday season, so try to avoid driving where possible and keep the roads clear for those who need them. 

Avoid dangerous weather

The holiday season can bring dangerous weather, depending on where you live. Those in more northern states will most likely get a flurry of snow and ice, making driving extremely risky. During snowy periods, it’s important to try to stay off the roads if possible. Your vehicle could skid on ice, causing a fatal accident. It’s simply not worth the risk. Stay indoors instead, or walk to your destination if possible (a great excuse to invest in some snow boots!)

Get more exercise

During the holiday season, we all tend to indulge more than we would normally. There are too many boxes of chocolates lying around, just begging to be eaten. There’s nothing wrong with letting loose over the festive period and you should never feel guilty for enjoying food. However, your body will be grateful if you do a little exercise alongside all the delicious food you’re eating. So, instead of heading out in the car, try going for a walk instead. It’s all about balance. 

Save money

We all know the holiday season can be expensive, especially if you have a big family with lots of presents to buy and mouths to feed. Luckily, if you cut down on driving during the holiday season, you’ll cut down on costs, too. The price of fuel quickly adds up, and that’s before you even think about parking. Think about the money you could save if you walked a little more or took public transport. 

Help the environment 

During the holiday season, the environment tends to be overlooked. We’re all cutting down trees to put in our homes and buying gifts with an abundance of plastic packaging. It’s everyone’s responsibility to care about the planet we live on, so why not do your bit? Cut down on driving for a few weeks to reduce emissions.