We’re all familiar with the environmental state of the planet. Rising carbon emissions, plastic waste, soaring temperatures and melting ice caps. It’s putting us all at risk. Whether we choose to believe it or not, we all need to find ways to do our bit, and if you’re someone who travels regularly, you may be wondering how you can be more eco-conscious.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more travellers and holidaymakers than ever before are finding their flights and vacations cancelled due to changing travel restrictions. It’s great news for the environment, but not for those wondering where they stand and what their consumer rights are. Thankfully, Creditfix has created a useful infographic, detailing your rights and what you should do next if your holiday is cancelled due to COVID. 

In the meantime, let’s take a look at how you can do your bit and become an eco-conscious traveller.  

Say no to plastic bags

When you’re travelling, you’re going to be picking up items from all over the world. Whether it’s a snack from the airport or a handcrafted souvenir from a marketplace, you’re not going to have enough hands to carry everything. Instead of purchasing plastic bags for your shopping, always travel with a reusable shopping bag. You’ll find that most of them fold up and can be placed in your day bag with ease. 

Think of the kilos

The heavier the plane, the more carbon emissions. So, packing lightly is not only good for your back but also better for the environment. Before you travel, put some real thought and planning into your suitcase, only take what you need and travel light!

Consider other modes of transport

Flying is terrible for the environment. So, why not consider other modes of transport to get you to your destination? Instead of a 5-hour flight across the country, consider catching the train or driving some of the way. Not only is it better for the environment, but you’ll have more of an adventure and it beats being stuck on a flight with a screaming baby and air-sickness. 

Be hotel smart

For most, staying in a hotel means you can enjoy the luxury of long showers and clean towels every day. However, it’s not great for the environment. Just because someone else is paying for the electricity bill, doesn’t mean you should leave your TV on when you head out for the day. Make sure you turn off all the lights when leaving the room and avoid leaving electricals on standby. 

And finally, consider carbon offset travel!

There’s no escaping the fact that travel creates a huge carbon footprint. The points above will help you do your bit on a smaller scale, however, if you really want to make a difference or at least reduce the impact of your own carbon footprint then carbon offsetting is the answer. 

Certain travel providers offer carbon offsetting services, which means they can calculate your flight footprint and then help you reduce emissions elsewhere on your travels, such as planting trees, or putting your carbon “credits” into eco-friendly products and projects. It’s a simple yet effective way for us all to travel with the environment in mind.