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Kid’s Gift Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

Buying a gift for a child can be stressful, especially when you don’t have much money to spare. There are constant occasions that warrant presents: Christmas, Birthdays, treats for being well-behaved, and it can seriously impact your wallet, especially if they’re always asking for the latest toys. Thankfully, there are plenty of great gifts without a daunting price tag that will make them smile.

Home-Baked Treats

Baking is an inexpensive present that is filled with love. You can decorate cookies or, if you’re a skilled baker, make them a cake based on one of their favorite TV or film characters. Not only will they receive something personalized, but they will have the joy of munching it up, too!

A Paint Set 

A paint set provides a kid with creative fun for them to enjoy for as many hours as they like. You can buy a set for a small price, but the entertainment they provide can last for a very long time. Plus, you never know, you might even be gifted back with an awesome painting! 

A New Item of Clothing

With how fast they grow, kids always need new clothes. A cool t-shirt or a new pair of trainers is a great gift for a child who seems to never stop growing! Plus, they’ll feel cool in their new attire. There are many deals online to hunt down, and you can start with kohls coupons for money off your shopping basket. 

A Book 

With the rise of the internet, many children spend much of their day staring at a screen – that only makes the importance of books all the more obvious. They will be even more excited to read it if it’s a gift of their favourite author! Have a look around for exciting books for their age group and give them the gift of a story. 

A Garden Kit

A kid’s garden kit is a wonderful gift for the little wildlife-lover in your life. With children-sized tools, they’ll be able to help dig, water and plant in the garden, discovering all the little bugs and different types of plants that live there. It’s a great way to get them outside and provide a hands-on activity that teaches them lessons without the involvement of books or screens. 

A Coloring Book

Coloring books can be found for very little money, but they come in a wide range so you will be sure to find one with the perfect theme. You could even provide a pack of pencils to go with it, so they can spend their time exploring colors and filling in the lines. With coloring, you can be as creative as you like, so you’ll be giving them a gift that both occupies them and stimulates their creativity. 

Toys and electronics can be expensive, but they aren’t always needed to give a kid an entertaining present. Give them a gift with a lower price tag and a lot of thought, and you’ll see that it isn’t lots of money that provides happiness!

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