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There is only one you. Even if you are one of three identical triplets, you are still your own person. There will never be another you. That means that instead of viewing ourselves as the fallen, mistaken, foolish people our most self-critical voice tells us we are, it’s important to consider that we are more of a firework show than a set of good and bad deeds. It’s best to celebrate yourself then, even with all your flaws and challenges.

Understanding how unique you are can help you see just how important your perspective is, and why other people are worth celebrating, too. It can’t hurt to give yourself a break, to nurture self-caring attitudes, and to treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself. So – how can you celebrate your uniqueness outside of a few platitudes? And what does that even mean? Well, thankfully, this attitude doesn’t have to seem irreverent, it can actually be really rather practical. With the following advice, you’ll no doubt see how that can be, too:

Expressing & Pursuing Your Needs

It’s important to express and pursue your needs because you’re not ‘wrong’ for having them. Many people will often feel it virtuous to bend over backwards for other people. For instance, you might be the first person to give up your train seat for another person, or you may forgo expressing your own wants in a relationship to make your partner happy – which will only make you bitter.

Expressing and pursuing your needs is an important use of your time. You deserve to feel able to do that, too, even if it means stepping on the toes of someone else. Even if it means following up life plans, such as finding better insurance for your hearing aid, or going for that medical malpractice lawsuit. This is how you avoid feeling like you can never express yourself. It’s how you stop letting yourself become better. And, most of all, it helps you feel as though you deserve what you’re owed – and you are.

Making Yourself Heard

There’s something about authenticity and honesty that helps you feel like your most powerful self, even if the consequences for staying honest aren’t as immediately valuable as you had hoped. For instance, it might be that you’ve been working overtime for the last two months and you’re tired of it. You’ve had no chance for a personal life. Telling your boss that, instead of breaking down and yelling it when you can’t take anymore, helps you feel like you’ve been able to express yourself. This is a means in which to celebrate yourself – because it implicitly suggests you’re working being heard. You are. 

Forgiving Yourself 

Take the time to forgive yourself. It’s extremely easy for us all to walk around with a crazy amount of guilt that we may not have dealt with. But do you know what you’re actually at fault for? If yes, then could you work on those mistakes? Sometimes you need to forgive yourself in order to enact a resolution. Sometimes you need to let yourself of the hook to let other people off the hook. What matters is that you take the time to really try and become kinder to yourself. That will help you celebrate who you are, and it’ll help you celebrate others, too.

With this advice, we hope you can celebrate your uniqueness as much as you wish to.