Custom-made gifts are special, unique, and memorable. Whether you’re making the gift yourself or getting it customized by a professional, these types of gifts are the ones that can touch someone’s heart. Make someone’s day by trying out the custom-made gift ideas below. 

1. Engraved Tools

If your recipient loves fixing things or is into DIY, engraved tools can be an excellent, personalized gift. This could be a range of individual or unique tools, or a complete set. Some come with wooden handles that are great for engraving and carving into.

2. Custom Masks

With coronavirus looking to be with us for the foreseeable future, custom-made masks are another great gift idea. You can customize these according to the recipient’s interests or personality. Pet-lovers might love a set of dog-printed masks, for example. Or if your recipient likes gardening, a floral print might be a suitable option. The possibilities for custom-masks are truly endless.

3. Printed T-Shirts

T-shirts are also one of the most customizable gifts out there. Depending on the age of the recipient, you could make these comical, artistic, or sentimental. T-shirt printing services are everywhere on the internet but it’s advisable to find one that uses high-quality cotton.

4. Handwritten Bracelet

A popular trend at the moment is handwritten bracelets. These come in all kinds of metals ranging from gold to sterling silver and can be shaped into your recipient’s first or last name. Or, instead of a name you could have a special word or phrase carved in. Whatever the message, handwritten bracelets make meaningful, personal gifts.

5. Custom Earrings

Earrings are another favorite when it comes to custom gifts. If you’re able to make these yourself, you can spend time making shapes or designs that correspond with your recipient’s personality. Or, if jewelry-making is above your skill level, you can look on sites like Etsy and search for themes or find someone who can make a bespoke set.

6. Embossed Leather Key Rings

Everyone uses keys, although these are slowly dying out as key-less cars and homes gradually take over. However, if your recipient uses keys, an embossed leather key holder is a fantastic custom-made gift. These can range in colors and sizes and can be printed with whatever name or message you desire. 

7. Photo Socks

If you’re looking for humorous, but practical gifts, photo socks are also becoming popular. These can be printed with things like animals, faces, food items, patterns, or places. Photo socks can also be great gifts for kids so have fun experimenting with different prints!

8. Paint-by-Number Canvas

If you enjoy paint by numbers, why not make one for a special someone? If you know their interests and hobbies, you could paint a picture of something you think they’ll enjoy and then frame it. A custom paint by number gift is sure to be appreciated by your recipient when they see how much effort you put into it. 

9. Cutting Board Recipe

Did you know cutting boards can be engraved with recipes? This unique gift allows you to print a recipe for a special someone that they can refer to easily, without having to dig around in a cookbook.