It’s common to wonder if you’ve chosen the right profession. But, the answer isn’t always straightforward. 

There are lots of different things to consider to decide whether a job is right for you. Or whether your talents would be better off elsewhere, such as gaining an occupational therapy qualification, a degree in fine art, or working your way towards becoming a gourmet chef.

Picture by Christina Morillo from Pexels – CC0 Licence

For a few indications that can nudge you in the direction towards an answer. Here are five signs you are on the right career path. 

You Doubt Your Abilities, But Always Pull Through 

Self-doubt and imposter syndrome are just a few feelings that loom over many people in their jobs. Causing them to second guess their abilities and put a dampener on the role. 

The truth is self-doubt can consume you, and unless you make a conscious effort to get rid of it will follow you in any job you might be. 

But, if in your job, you pull-through despite part of you telling you can’t do something – you may be in the right job. 

Battling your confidence levels, no end, and not giving up is one sign you think your job is worth fighting for.

A Healthy Work-Life Balance

A balance is needed to get the best out of your personal life and work life. Without it, work can become a drag very quickly.

Suppose you’ve nailed a healthy balance, and you have time to eat healthily and sleep well. Plus, you don’t feel overworked and mentally exhausted. You’re more than likely in the right role for you.

There Are More Good Days Than Bad 

No job is perfect. And there are bound to be days here and there where, for instance, a project didn’t work out as you expected. Or you had to deal with a difficult customer. But how many days like that do you get?

If these occasions are once in a while and then quickly forgotten, your career may bring you more joy than negativity, which is excellent.  

But if you feel almost every day is terrible and you feel unhappy most of the time, the job may not be any good for you.

You Work With Great People

Your work colleagues can honestly make or break your experience in your career. 

You can’t get along with everyone, no. But if there are people at work you like chatting and laughing with, that’s great for your happiness and time spent at work.

There’s Room And Want To Progress

Having the opportunity, and the desire to better yourself in your role, indicates you’ve got a good gig. After all, why would you entertain the idea of a promotion if you’re not a tiny bit interested in staying in your job?

Should you find yourself agreeing with most of the above signs, you may have a great career on your hands. 

But, if not, it’s time to reevaluate your career and think about looking for a new place of work, or a new course, to enhance your experience and eventually move on.