We got pregnant twice but can I tell you that getting pregnant was not easy. Growing up I knew nothing about ovulation in my family you hear things like if you look at another man you get pregnant (that wasn’t my story).

When conceiving my first child it was difficult we tried for months and nothing happened. I knew nothing about ovulation I was just going off of how easy they said it was for women in my family to get pregnant. After months of trying I began to get discouraged but one day when I least it, I got pregnant. Years later I began to hear things like ovulation cycle. Ovulation cycle is the period in which you get pregnant.

If I would have known about these kids I would have used it myself so if you find yourself struggling to get pregnant I would recommend the Smile Reader Ovulation Test Kit. The test kit includes 50 ovulation test strips and 20 pregnancy test strips.

What’s also pretty cool is that you have the smile reader app which calculates the best time to start ovulating testing. When your LH levels have reached highest value, the app provides a message reading “You got a peak today”. A smiling baby image will be displayed on your screen to alert you to your most fertile days.

You get free access to the SmileReader app.

How It Works:

I really wish I had this when I was trying to get pregnant it would have made things easier for me.

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