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2020 has been a rough year for many of us, and that is why you’re probably hoping to make the festive season extra special this year. We hope you have a wonderful time, whatever it is you are getting up to, both throughout the Christmas period and into your New Year’s Eve celebrations.

But whatever you do, remember to put safety first, especially on New Year’s Eve. This is traditionally a time for parties and other large get-togethers, but as you will appreciate, great care needs to be taken. We all went to enter 2021 in good health, as the hope is that the year ahead will be brighter than the one we have just experienced. 

So, have a good time by all means. Wear your New Years shirts with hope and anticipation for a blessed year ahead. And be safe in all that you, perhaps by adhering to the following suggestions. 

#1: Keep your guest list small

If you are allowed to have a party where you live, it might be safer to party with the people you live with, as there will be less likelihood of the COVID-19 virus entering your home. But if you are planning on hosting a party, don’t invite the masses. Invite a select few, perhaps those people who are living alone, and that you know will appreciate the social company. But let people know that they shouldn’t come if they are showing any of the virus symptoms. And ask guests to get themselves tested a few days before your party as an extra precaution. These simple steps will keep everybody safe.

#2: Ensure your party is safe

If parties are allowed in your state, make sure the one you host is a safe one. Arrange your seats so that people are separated from one another. Provide hand sanitizer, and encourage people to regularly use it. Avoid shared food dishes, and give everybody individually portioned snacks instead. And encourage people to wear masks (perhaps even fancy dress ones) when they aren’t eating and drinking. Sure, your party may be a little different to the one you normally throw, but safety has to come first. 

#3: Be alert to how you’re feeling

If you experience any of the COVID symptoms, do the right thing, and cancel your party. Yes, this might be frustrating for you and your intended guests, but you know it’s the right thing to do. And if you are planning on attending another party, don’t go if you suspect you are unwell. Stay at home instead, but perhaps still make your presence felt at the party by getting in touch with the partygoers on Zoom.

#4: Celebrate on your own if you need/want to

If a party is out of the question and if you are stuck at home without the company of others, you don’t need to feel too downhearted. Celebrate on your own, perhaps by watching your favorite movie and by eating your favorite foods and desserts. Sit with your journal too, and list all of the things that you are grateful for, and give thanks to God for all of the blessings you have experienced this year. And rock out to your favorite tunes, enjoy a good bath, and do any of the other things you regularly enjoy. There is nothing wrong with being alone at New Year, and to be honest, it could be the safest option. But fill your time with things that will make you happy instead of dwelling on what could have been. 

Take care, and thanks for reading!