How do we as believers upset the world?

When you think of your life as a Christian the first thing that may come to mind is being a peacemaker. You may say to yourself, how do you become an upsetter?

In his new book entitled, “Upset The World”, Tim Ross tells us how to do just that. In his book, he teaches how to create a new way of relating to others.

  • Practice listening to and obeying the Holy Spirit’s voice
  • Do everyday evangelism
  • Love everybody (even people who are hard to love)
  • Change the way people think about Christianity

I love the way in which Ross described upset when we think about Jesus and how he died on the cross for us how did he do it? By upsetting those around him. He upset the culture and the traditions.

Ross describes the word upset as to disturb or derange completely.

One of my favorite chapter is “Upsetters Aren’t Religious”. Religiousity is something I had to deal with when I first gave my life to Christ. It was don’t wear this or also you won’t be viewed as a Christian if you don’t look like this. There were people in the church who refused to stand next to me if I had earrings on.

Ross points out that,

If we’re going to upset the world, we need to forgo religion and move into relationship with Jesus Christ.

What I also enjoy about this book is that it also comes with a study guide. What are you waiting for it’s time to Upset The World. Get your copy here!