When you are in charge of the social media accounts for your company and/or clients, as well as managing the rest of the marketing team, you want to make sure that you use your time effectively. While this can mean avoiding distractions from your personal life that can lead to procrastination, there can also be more to it. 

Making the most of the ways in which you create your content, and even go about gaining imagery, text, and other ideas can help to speed up your current process and save you that extra bit of hassle. Let’s explore how you could use Digital Asset Management to your advantage…

Liaising with Digital Marketing

While there may be images involved with your social media posts, you may not be the one to create and edit them yourself. Using Digital Asset Management software from this website can allow you to seamlessly gain access to the images created by the design team in no time at all. DAM enables you to efficiently preview work without having to waste time downloading and asking for alterations. Following this, you can find the edited images via a self-contained search engine. This can be incredibly convenient, as it means you will not have to spend time emailing and downloading attachments, and no files will be lost in the process. Instead, you simply preview the ones shared with you, and can then download your chosen image. 

Storage of Files

There may be some images (or even videos, audio recordings, documents etc.), such as company logos or staff pictures that you use frequently. Rather than allowing these to get lost within a myriad of folders and other files, a Digital Asset Management system will allow you to keep your images and other digital assets on one straightforward platform. 

This also means that should your computer break, hard-drive fail, or you even have to work from home, you can still access what you need to, provided that you have the software installed or have access to your account details. For those who wish to work from home due to caring for others, illness, or not wanting to take leave after having a baby, this can really help you to stay on top of tasks and avoid the need to either keep commuting to the office or take your work PC home with you. 

Image Security

Not only are the images and assets used here only available to those you select, but they also cannot be altered by anyone without the accessibility to do so. On top of this, you can also use DAM software to make your images more secure when you actually go to use them. This will allow you to add branding, which can help prevent them from being stolen or used by others for their own purposes.

Working as a social media manager means you are facing the public via the internet each day. The success of any posts or other communications you or your delegates put out can have a big impact on the company you work for. Due to this, you want to make sure that your processes are simplified, but still completed thoroughly.