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Can you believe two years ago how different our world looks! As parents, we were working while the kids went to school. Fast forward, two years later and the kids are in school in one room on the computer and you are working from home in another room.

What can I say you learn to adapt to your new normal. During these times, I want to make sure my kids get as much out of learning as they can which is why I was happy to receive Greg Landry self-paced online science homeschool classes and what’s also great is that they are Christian based. What I love is that before the class begins they pray.

Greg Landry College Prep Science homeschool offers online classes for grades 3-12.

Classes include:

The thrust of College Prep Science is to give homeschooled students access to science that is focused on scientific inquiry, process reasoning, data collection and the graphical and written representation of research.

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