2020 saw a great shift in how people go about their lives. Everything from the way that we work, socialize, dine out, down to our beauty routines. Businesses have had to quickly adapted to the changes and challenges, and the beauty industry is no different. 

Here are some of the top beauty trends we are seeing in 2021.

Embracing Clean and Natural Beauty

As we move toward a greener way of thinking, many beauty companies are turning their products and formulas to more natural ingredients as well. Many brands both new and old are using100% organic ingredients for both hair and skin products. 

There is also an increased interest in creating your own products like body scrubs and scents, just as long as you are careful about what ingredients you are putting in the products.

However, people are not primarily embracing clean and natural beauty to cut costs, the focus is on boosting their hair, skin, and overall health. This has stirred the beauty industry to start producing products that do not use non-organic ingredients or ingredients that are considered harmful. 

Microbiome Skincare 

Experts say that the microscopic organisms found on our skin are beneficial to the skin. So there is a deep emphasis on eating a healthy diet and using innovative formulations that keeps the skin microbiome healthy. There is also an emphasis on using natural remedies and products with few ingredients to maintain the health of the microbiome. All these are microbiome skincare measures that more people are embracing. 

Working the Eyes

As most people wear masks to leave the house in, which is mandatory in some places, the only facial feature that is visible are the eyes, so people are making the most of that by using bold eye shadows and liners, and there is no such thing as too much glitter either. After all, if you cannot feel good the few times that you are allowed to leave your house, what is the point?

Arched eyebrows and lash extensions

Leading on from the bold eye, keeping well-groomed eyebrows and perfect lashes are another important trend right now. 

These are two beauty trends that will not go away any time soon are arched eyebrows and lash extensions. Many women are shaping their eyebrows into stronger arches that can be seen when wearing a mask. This trend has led to the demand for tweezers, brushes, and scissors. 

Lash extensions are also not going to go out of fashion any time soon. www.selenaslashstudio.com offers a great range of services to make your eyes stand out behind a mask. 


While the beauty industry has made billions over the years owing to the demand for makeup products, this is slowly changing. 

Many women are now abandoning makeup and embracing their natural looks. People are going completely “green”. They are eating organic foods; they are using natural remedies to improve their skin and hair health, and they are treating ailments and infections with natural formulations.