Finally, a Christian book about mental health. I believe churches all over have people with mental health issues but don’t know how to cope with what they are going through.

Many times we read about these topics of abuse and we can’t relate them to the Bible, we get the world’s perspective of how we should be behaving. Whether you are going through an abusive relationship yourself or you know someone that is this book teaches you how to help yourself and others.

Charlene Quint is a family law attorney in the Chicago area who focuses her practice on helping women overcome domestic abuse. She wrote Overcoming the Narcissist, Sociopath, Psychopath and other domestic abusers to help victims of domestic abuse become the fearless victors that God designed them to be. She is the founder of and provides training for churches on how to address abuse in the child.

Many times, I believe women in the church get told to stay in abusive relationships because they believe that divorce is a sin and that no one is perfect.

Quint takes the time to address these issues

  • Blaming her. Too many pastors make the mistake of blaming the victim for there own abuse
  • Demanding submission of return to abusive relationships. God does not give us suffering. However, he will use it and bring good from it.
  • God gave me this abuse.

She gives women concrete answers on how to renew her mind.

Personally over the years, I have encountered abusive relationships this was a great healing tool and what resonated the most with me was she stressed the importance of healthy boundaries not everyone gets close to your heart.

Even though this book was more about healing from abusive marriages, I took some principles and applied them to my personal relationships with family and friends.

One of those things is boundaries. According to Quint, “Healthy boundaries are predetermined limits we set for ourselves. We cannot set boundaries on others they will do what they want to do. But we can determine what we will or won’t tolerate”.

She also gives you a cover if you in a abusive relationship and need to hide the book. This is a great self-help guide.

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