There are many reasons you or your family may decide to move to Malaysia. For one, it’s a country that offers great education and job opportunities. Many businesses are creating bases in this part of the world, so it could be a chance for you or your partner to get a much better job. Alternatively, it’s a country that many couples are eyeing up as they approach retirement. If you’re nearing this age, you may consider moving somewhere different from where you spent your whole life, and Malaysia is seen as a place that offers many advantages for retired couples. 

Naturally, you have many concerns over a move like this. You may have visited Malaysia on your travels, but you know little about living there. One of your first concerns is how can you find somewhere to live? Well, foreign nationals can invest in Malaysian property without any issues. So, buying your home won’t be that much of a problem – it’s selling that you need to be wary of. You see, Malaysia has something called Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT), which charges you when you sell a home in the country. Everyone is subjected to it, regardless of whether you’re a permanent resident or not. It’s advised that you learn more about this before planning a move, as it can help you avoid errors when selling your property. 

PropertyGuru has developed an infographic that explains the tax charges for you. As you can see, permanent residents and Malaysians enjoy better tax rates than foreigners. Also, the longer you hold onto a house, the less tax you pay. Read over the infographic as it can help you plan things if you decide to move.
Infographic designed by: PropertyGuru Largest Property Portal in Malaysia