If you are in the process of selecting new doors that transition your home from the inside to the outside, you will be faced with a variety of options. You are probably considering the pros and cons of French doors, pivot doors, bi-fold doors, and sliding glass doors. Here are just a few reasons why sliding glass doors are almost always the way to go!

They streamline the transition 

When you have sliding glass doors installed in your home, they allow for a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors. This is because the glass panes of which they are made provide a full view of your beautiful yard all year round.

They complement most architectural styles 

Sliding glass doors are simple in aesthetic, which makes them easy to pair with most architectural styles. They are generally sleek and minimalistic, but the good news is that they can be jazzed up if you wish to opt for a design that makes a bolder statement. 

They can be fitted with auto sliding door systems 

These systems from Evo Products are extremely easy to install on already-existing sliding glass doors and work to automate their opening and closing for maximum convenience. There are systems available for both single and multi-panel sliding glass doors, and they both promise a wide variety of activation options for contactless accessibility. They are particularly useful for households with pets, effortlessly opening and closing every time the furry family members wish to make an exit into the yard or return a few minutes later.

They provide reliable security 

Some homeowners might think twice about sliding glass doors with regard to security. After all, they are made of glass and should be quite easy to shatter to facilitate a break-in. However, the reality is that most sliding glass doors are made out of shatterproof safety glass. They also come with sturdy aluminum seals, incorporated gaskets, and fixed leaves to hold everything in place. Some of the top sliding glass doors on the market also feature fancy hook-over locking mechanisms that make it impossible for the doors to be hoisted out of their frame. 

They let in plenty of natural light 

Because they are made out of transparent glass, sliding glass doors allow plenty of natural light to flood into the home. Along with warming up the interior and brightening it up, natural light has many benefits regarding your family’s health. For example, it helps ward off seasonal depression, boost Vitamin D, and enhance sleep quality. 

They are space savers 

Most traditional doors swing outwards or inwards when opened, meaning that there needs to be a certain amount of unused space to accommodate them. Sliding glass doors, on the other hand, do not operate with hinges. Instead, they slide horizontally on a track and do not require any additional space around them. This is great news if the room leading out onto your porch or patio is on the smaller side. 

Do you need any more reason to welcome sliding glass doors into your home? As highlighted above, you simply cannot go wrong!