Hats and caps are a great way to add a fun twist to any outfit. They’re also perfect for covering up that quarantine haircut! 

There are endless men’s headwear styles, but a few of them have become a staple and are going strong for decades (sorry, top hats, you didn’t make it!)

Don’t be afraid to experiment and find a style that works best for you. 

Here are seven types of men’s headwear you need to know about. 

Baseball caps

Arguably the most popular among guys, the baseball cap has evolved from a piece of sports uniform to a men’s wardrobe staple all over the world. 

It’s great for a casual day, working out, beach days or if you want to hide your face after a crazy night out. 

Most baseball caps will have a logo on them, but if you opt for a plain one, you could even pull-of a smart casual look for a weekend lunch with friends. 


Comfortable and warm beanies are great for all seasons. They come in different colours, shapes and fabrics, so most guys will find one that works for them.

Beanies work with most casual outfits, but probably the most common look is denim trousers and a t-shirt. Make sure you’re wearing a high-quality t-shirt like crew necks or V-necks from Fresh Clean Tees to avoid looking like a slob. 

Dress hats and fedoras 

Dress hats are back for a few years now, and styled properly can make you look incredibly dapper. 

A dress hat is a structured hat with a full brim, often pinching, and it’s always stiff. Most often, these hats are made of felt and come in a variety of colours. To ensure you can easily style them with all your clothes, choose black, grey, brown and other neutral colours.

Another term for dress hats is fedoras, though they differ in style as, according to GQ magazine, fedoras have pinched sides, a crease down the centre, and a medium-width flexible brim. 

Panama hats

A preppy summer essential is a stylish Panama hat, which funnily originated from Ecuador, not Panama.

Usually, in white, off-white and beige tones, Panama hats are made from plaited toquilla palm plant leaves and are quite sturdy. 

Wear it with linen pants, a polo t-shirt and boat shoes for the head-to-toe yacht club style. 

Bucket hats

Everyone who lived through the 90s and early 2000s will remember the bucket hat. Well, it’s back! 

According to Medium, a bucket hat is the best hat for men who look to take their casual attire up a level. 

With a self-explanatory name, this bucket-shaped hat is a perfect summer accessory for the younger guys and will work great for the beach, camping trip or summer festival. 

Newsboy hats

Newsboy hats are never fully in or out these days. Originating in the late 19th – early 20th century, this hat has a curved brim, eight panels and a top button.

Usually, newsboy hats are made of warm materials such as wool, making them great for chilly autumn or winter days. 

Style a newsboy hat with a smart casual outfit and give yourself that artsy-edge. Just make sure you get the right size! 

Outback hats

This one is a little bit of a renegade as it requires a commitment to pull off. 

As the name suggests, these wide-brimmed hats are native to the Australian outback are irreplaceable in hot sunny weather. Wear it with a denim or chambray shirt and summer khakis. 

We like to think of outback hats as more toned-down cowboy hats, so if you’re up for experimenting, order one online and giddy up!