f you have recently lost your job or want to become your own boss, your home could be the key to a brighter future. Generate a superb annual revenue by transforming your property into a cozy retreat for visitors across the world. If you live in a popular area for tourists, you could enjoy much success running a bed & breakfast. Read the following advice on how to turn your home into a B&B.

The Correct Paperwork

Before you start transforming your spare bedrooms into beautiful guest rooms, you must submit the necessary paperwork. To run a legal bed & breakfast, you must apply for:

Don’t Overlook Inspections

As your bed & breakfast is a business, you will be responsible for every guest who steps foot on your premises. For this reason, you must aim to provide guests with a safe and secure environment. 

For example, you can install dependable fire alarms from Jackson Fire and Security, and they can provide a 24/7 monitoring service to respond immediately to any fire at your property. Also, you must organize a health inspection and fire inspection to ensure your bed & breakfast is safe enough to welcome guests.

Decorate Your Property

Every guest will want to stay at a clean, comfortable, and stylish bed & breakfast. If you want to welcome as many tourists as possible throughout the years, you would be smart to decorate each guest bedroom in a neutral color scheme. While bold hues and daring prints could help your property stand out, the décor might not be to everyone’s taste, which could lower your occupancy rates.

Provide Essential Items

There are some items every guest will expect to find in a reputable bed & breakfast. To ensure you never disappoint your customers, you must provide:

  • Fresh linens and towels
  • Tea and coffee making supplies
  • A TV with a remote control
  • Clean glassware
  • Soap
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • A closet with hangers

You also could wow your guests by providing a few luxurious items, such as clean robes, slippers, cookies, mouthwash, or bath gel.

Gather Emergency Numbers

Problems can suddenly strike when running a bed & breakfast, which you will need to resolve as soon as possible to prevent guest frustration and disappointment. Ensure their comfort and safety by gathering emergency numbers for an electrician, plumber, roofer, or HVAC specialist.

Plan the Perfect Breakfast

Ensure you receive glowing reviews by serving delicious breakfasts every day of the week. As you will need to cater to various preferences and dietary requirements, you should provide your guests with different options, such as:

Also, you’ll need to rise before your guests to prep the breakfast menu, lay the tables, and set-up the morning tea and coffee service.

If you aim to go above and beyond each day and provide comfortable, clean accommodation, you could secure many guests and glowing reviews online.