Divorce is one of the most difficult things to go through, whether it is an amicable end to the marriage or not. Even if you know that getting a divorce is the best thing to do, going through the legal steps and the emotional toll that takes, on top of processing the end of your relationship generally, will be tough. If you are about to start your divorce proceedings or know someone who is that needs your support, below are some tips on how to navigate your way through this distressing time.

Get a Good Solicitor

The first thing to do is to find good legal representation to make sure you are getting the best outcome possible. Find specialist divorce solicitors like Grant Stephens Family Law so you can have experts on your side. They will be able to explain the divorce process to you, help you get a good settlement, and help you with custody if you have kids. 

Talk to Your Loved Ones

For some people, dealing with emotional stress makes them want to shut people out or keep busy with other things. Others might feel embarrassed about the end of their marriage, or that they are letting others down. No matter how you feel about your divorce, make sure you are talking to your loved ones so you can get their support. Bottling things up never helps, so having a good support network to get you through this difficult period will be essential. 

Make Time for Your Kids

If you have children with your ex-partner, you must make time for them during this period. You need to explain to them that it is not their fault, that you both love them and that things will be OK. Avoid talking about your ex in front of them if you can, especially if you do not have anything positive to say as this could affect their relationship with their other parent in the future, or perhaps even their relationship with you. Just make sure they know they are loved and comfort them as best you can.

Make Time for You

As well as making sure your kids are OK, you need to look after yourself as well. Keeping yourself preoccupied with other things is good to a certain extent, provided you are not burning yourself out. Take the time to pamper yourself a little bit and practice some self-care. A glass of wine in a candlelit bath, going out for dinner with friends, taking a weekend break to get away from it all…these are all good examples of how you can make time for yourself and have a healthy distraction from your divorce.

Look Forward

It might be hard to think about the future when your marriage is ending, but try to look forward and envision all the opportunities that lay ahead of you. It will take time to get over your relationship, but you will get to a better place in time and when you do you need to be ready to embrace life and see what your next chapter is. Try to focus on the positives of the situation so it is easier to move forward.

Divorce is never easy no matter what the circumstances, so if you are about to go through it, use these tips to help you navigate this tumultuous journey and come out the other side ready for your new phase in life.